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“A Slice of Time”


Time is one of those things we never seem to have enough of; a rare commodity and a fleeting luxury that seems to slip right through our fingers as fast as we find it. How many times a day do you find yourself saying, “I don’t have time to… fill in the blank.” We race from work, from errands, from football practice and grocery stores and get home just in time to scroll through Instagram to see the friends we don’t have time to see in real life. We pull up Facebook only to ask ourselves, “How do they find the time to… fill in the blank.” We all find ourselves wishing for a chance to slow down. To stop time. To relax. To fill in that blank.

Pictured here: Our Grandma Doris and Grandpa Louie on their honeymoon in Clifty Falls, Indiana. Doesn’t everyone hike in pearls? 

We love to see the pictures stashed away in albums at our grandparents’ houses. Long weekends at Hueston Woods, day trips to Mammoth Cave. Our Grandma Doris and Grandpa Louie even went to Clifty Falls, Indiana for their honeymoon. Not exactly the kinds of trips you see newlyweds taking today. So in an effort to bring back the simplicity of the “staycation,” we went searching for local bed & breakfasts and stumbled upon just what we had in mind, Sycamore Farms Country Inn.

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Cherryl’s Kitchen: We weren’t just drooling over the food. Is this not a little piece of heaven? We couldn’t take our eyes off of her island, which is actually an antique carpenter’s bench.

We took a 35 minute drive to visit and were greeted at the door by Cherryl Forte, and her curly, canine companion, Dolly. The smell of sausage sizzling in an orange juice and cranberry sauté also met us at the door. We rounded the corner into her beautiful, new-but-charmingly-antique kitchen and immediately felt at home. Sugary strawberries, whipped cream and chocolate chips sat atop a heap of chocolate Belgian-style waffles on Cherryl’s floral china accompanied by napkins, held in place by engraved antique silver rings. Another platter held fresh egg omelets and sat beside a basket of muffins and breads still warm from the oven.

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Chocolate on chocolate waffles = Heaven on Earth
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“It’s the little things that I find so cute,” Cherryl said of the tiny details throughout her home.

Cherryl not only prides herself on her cooking, but makes it look easy. We’re fairly certain that if we tried to host a couple bloggers for breakfast, talk about her bed & breakfast and cook at the same time, that same bed & breakfast would be up in flames in no time. It didn’t take long to realize how much the three of us have in common. Not only did we all love waffles and hot coffee, but we’re also antique junkies. We shared our finds, favorite pieces and hidden-gem shops where we get all our goodies. When we asked her where she finds all her larger pieces for the house she said, “if the house wants it, the house finds it.” Each piece has certainly made itself at home with Cherryl and looks as if it was placed there the day the house was built.

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Our love of vintage treasures led us around the house as she told us about the bed & breakfast and her favorite antique pieces in each room and where she picked them up. She guided us through the historic home telling stories of her childhood, and of the home itself. Cherryl inherited the home when it was in need of some serious love and, being a woman after our own heart, “patched it up to put it back on its feet to go another 100 years.” She wants people to familiarize themselves with the agrarian lifestyle, to slow down and enjoy her “little slice of time.” Visitors can have their coffee while they watch tractors bailing hay or enjoying somewhere so quiet “you can hear the creek in the distance.”

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Sycamore Farms Country Inn wasn’t always an inn. In fact, in the 1800-1900s, the farm functioned as a lumber and grain mill. Its purple barn welcomes visitors to the Century Farm as the gravel road guides them to the front door. There are four bedrooms available for reservations. Two smaller rooms that belonged to Cherryl’s cousins perfect for a private getaway, and two larger, adjacent suites (may be made into adjoining rooms for larger groups) with perfectly decorated bathrooms, fluffy white robes and a window overlooking the farm, making it the perfect country escape.