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Our Favorite Antique Hotspots: Columbus to Cincinnati


We don’t exactly do run of the mill birthdays in our family. They’re a production. They require thoughtful planning, unplanning and replanning. No, sir, we do not just pass the day with a last year’s candle and a couple cupcakes.

Jess turned 24 last week but has been planning her day for at least a month. She left her heart in Columbus, OH when she graduated from The Ohio State University (go bucks!) two years ago, so we knew where we’d likely be spending the day. So after two coffee stops, a two hour drive and the best egg and bacon sandwich we’ve ever tasted (Thanks, Fox in The Snow!) we had an entire day of antique shopping ahead of us and all of our favorite places just happened to be along our route back home.

We thought we’d share our favorites with you. Try them out and show us what you find!

  • Columbus
    • Flower Child Vintage – located in the Short North Art District, this funky little place is like stepping into a time machine and is loads of fun to wander through. It’s groovy, baby.
  • Springfield
    • Heart of Ohio Antique Center – A definite don’t-miss-it spot. Block out a couple hours to make it through their showrooms … This place is HUGE! Em’s not exactly directionaly gifted. She practically needs a compass to get around in there

  • Waynesville
    • Waynesville is chock full of antique shops. Park the car and start walking, we promise you won’t leave empty handed!
  • Lebanon
    • Lebanon Peddler – we ran into the Lebanon Peddler (literally, it was raining cats and dogs) after following them on Instagram and couldn’t believe we hadn’t come sooner. Off the beaten path, Lebanon Peddler is a picker’s paradise.
    • Miller’s Antique Mall  – How do we love Miller’s? Let us count the ways. This is one of our can’t-leave-without-buying-something place. They have an incredible selection, tons of vendors and super friendly staff. We love you Miller’s Antique Mall.

  • Fairfield
    • Ohio Valley Antique Mall – another mall worthy of a clear schedule. If you can’t find it at OVAM, you’re not looking hard enough.


  • Cincinnati
    • Wooden Nickel – If you’re in search of larger items like an antique bar, chandeliers, or some of the most gorgeous antique furnishings you’ve ever laid your flea-market-lovin’ eyes on, Wooden Nickel is your one stop shop. 
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Tri-State Travel Guide

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” Do what you can with what you have, where you are” – Theodore Roosevelt

In the day and age of ‘world traveling’ and fabulous Instagram posts, we bring you a Tri-State Travel Guide.  A simple guide to a simple summer. Free trips and time well spent with friends and family, in the car and on the trail. Pack your back pack, lace your boots and “do what you can, with what you have, where you are”.

Lynd Fruit Farm 

A family owned apple farm, dating back to 1919, Lynd Fruit Farm is nestled right out side Columbus in Pataskala, Ohio. Gala, golden delicious, honey crisp…oh my! Looking to pick some apples of your own? This is the place! “You pick” apple season starts in September and extends through October (Weekends only). What better way to bond with your besties than jumping on their back to grab that perfect apple.


Glen Helen Nature Preserve / Clifton Gorge/ Tecumseh Land Trust 

Just one hour from Cincinnati sits Yellow Springs Ohio, a free spirited town full of life, love, and beautifully unique parks! After Jess stumbled upon Tecumseh Land Trust , she will never miss their Sunflower bloom again. In fact, she went up several times last year just to stand in the middle of the field in awe. We love everything T.L.T stands for and can’t wait to return this summer!

Next up is Clifton Gorge. As a lover and chaser of waterfalls, Jess was happy to stand and watch the water surge through Clifton Gorge and it was only a short (10 min) drive from the Tecumseh Land trust and downtown Yellow Springs.

Don’t leave Yellow Springs without taking a drink from the fountain of youth! Didn’t know it was in Dayton, did ya? Historically, the ‘Yellow Spring’ located in Glen Helen Nature Preserve was known for the spring’s natural healing properties – we’d be lying to you if we said Jess and her friend didn’t take a sip before they headed back to the car (whatever works right?)


Hocking Hills 

Who hasn’t heard of Hocking Hills, right? We’re here to tell you everything you’ve heard regarding it’s beauty is absolutely true. From Lower Falls to Old Mans Cave, every inch of Hocking Hills is breath taking. We actually venture up their frequently as we love to see the park throughout the seasons. Autumn is by far Emily’s favorite. Jess would like to see it frozen (she tries to convince anyone who will listen to take that icy hike with her.)

Clifty Falls

A park near and dear to our heart. Our Grandma Doris and Grandpa “Louie” honey mooned to this quaint little spot located near Madison, Indiana. As Jess strolled through the trails she couldn’t help but picture our grandparents walking hand in hand down the same paths; she also couldn’t help but wonder how grandma Doris did it in pearls and heels! To this day, there is still a Lodge, Clifty Inn,  that has a beautiful view of the Ohio river…weekend get-away anyone?

Red River Gorge 

After much discouragement from our mother, Jess was determined to cross Red River Gorge off her list of places to see, no matter how “dangerous.” Don’t be fooled, there are small paths and large drop offs but it is definitely a ‘must see’ if you are in the area (or 2 hours north like us)! Love hiking long distances? Daniel Boone National Forest is adjacent to Red River Gorge – Pack your backpack, we’ll see you in 708,000 acres. Hiking not your thing? Theres also camping, climbing, and zip lining!

We’re looking for our next local outdoor adventure – suggestions are always welcome!


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Backstage at Music Hall

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One of Cincinnati’s most famous, and in our opinion, most beautiful landmarks recently underwent a massive facelift. Originally we thought, how could anyone possibly make it any better? It’s architecture and history are so iconic to our dear city we were a bit anxious when we heard about the renovations so we’ve had all our fingers crossed that the renovations would be more of a restoration. The word renovate for us carries the connotation of modern updates, busting down walls, tearing up original flooring … our love of HGTV is very much to blame.

Emily’s husband, Jim, is a member of the BOLD group with United Way, a group dedicated to teaching its members how to get involved in their communities by serving on boards for local non-profits. As a team-building event, the group got together last weekend for a backstage tour of Cincinnati’s Music Hall, led by the Society for Preservation of Music Hall.

Cautiously optimistic about the new updates, they followed their tour guide, a member of the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra for more than 35 years, through the doors. Inside, it is still the same gorgeous building, but now looking more beautiful than ever. Her high ceilings and columns topped with gleaming capitols, catching all the light in just the right places.

Inside the auditorium the most prominent difference is the seating. Seats are a bit wider and offer much more leg room than in the past, but mostly everything else is just as we remember. Other changes were made to improve the acoustics of the building, and the chandelier (oh, that incredible chandelier!) was taken down completely for a thorough cleaning and now hangs proudly above the center of the space, sparkling like it was brand new.

The Backstage tour is just $15 with group discounts available for groups of 10+. Children are welcome and are only $5 for anyone under 12 years of age. (Em brought her 1½ year old with no problems) Check out a list of all of the tour options available here.

We JUST booked our tickets to the Harry James dance (hosted by WMKV) in the Music Hall Ballroom and we are counting down the days. We went to the Glenn Miller Orchestra dance back in October and danced (if you can call it that) until our feet were sore. These dances are so much fun and we don’t plan on missing any of them from now on!

We can’t wait to see a performance in the auditorium! Ballet? Symphony? Pops? How will we choose!

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Love blooms Where Family Sows: A visit with Two Little Buds Florist


“It kind of just happened.”

Isn’t it funny how the best things seem to “just happen?” Career changes, spontaneous romances, entrepreneurial endeavors. Sometimes these things seem to just fall into our laps. The stars align, we sit next to the right person on an airplane or an unforeseen change of plans, whatever it may be, forces us to challenge ourselves and step out of the comfy little box where we all tend to linger. Sometimes, even, you go to a concert with your Grandpa and walk out arm-in-arm with your sister bursting with ideas for a new blog.

But these things don’t just happen, do they? Venturing into a new industry, nurturing a new relationship, starting a business from scratch, all these things take more than an idea. More than just the proverbial light bulb over our head. These things take dedication. They take passion and determination, and confidence and being able to take failures on the chin. Most of all they take hard work.


Mindy Staton and her mom, Alice Francis, began filling orders out of Alice’s greenhouse and when word spread swiftly across town, they quickly outgrew their greenhouse operation, leading them to start Two Little Buds in Hamilton, OH. Not long after, they also began Morning Sun Flower Farm nearby. (We’re hoping to tag along on a little tour of her farm this spring – stay tuned!) 

Mindy was kind enough to take some time out of her day to tell us a little about what it’s like to not only be a florist, but to be a florist preparing for the Valentine’s Day rush.

Take a stroll through most floral shops in early February and you can expect roses. Hundreds of them in every color and arrangement you can imagine, but we walked in to find ranunculus, anemones and tulips bursting with cheery color filling vase after vase, making the entire store smell like springtime.


Two Little Buds has decided to do Valentine’s Day a bit differently this year by focusing on longer-lasting, American-grown flowers for their Valentine’s Day customers, breaking the I’ll-take-a-dozen-red-roses-and-an-I-love-you-card mold.

When they’re not filling vases this time of year, they are hard at work sowing seeds at the flower farm. Mindy says her “in-laws owned a lot of land in Oxford, Ohio and the flower farm kind of just happened.” She’s a farm girl at heart, with a passion for flowers, a love of nature and a insatiable desire to keep her hands in the dirt. Her flower farm and storefronts aren’t just a business, however. They’re a chance to be with her family. They all pitched in to build her “hoop house” (an unheated greenhouse), creating Mindy’s favorite memories of her floral venture.

Somewhere between developing a personal relationship with upcoming brides, custom orders, corporate events and pop-ups at stores like Anthropologie and Madewell, the girls of Two Little Buds also offer Farm to Vase workshops at their flower farm three times a year. Workshop dates are April 14th, July 17th and September 22nd. You can sign up to learn how to arrange your own hand-picked creation HERE.


Two Little Buds will soon be moving from their Bridgewater Falls location to D Street in Hamilton, but can also be found at their “flower bar” inside the Lane + Kate store in Over the Rhine. Flowers, gorgeous jewelry and “gifty” things all in the same shop? Yes, please!


Time is running out for Valentine’s Day blooms everyone! (Okay, we’re actually looking at you, gentlemen) Break tradition, skip the imported roses this year and spread love by shopping local and supporting your local florist!


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Galentine’s Day Celebrations Abound!

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Amidst all the white table cloth reservations, heart-shaped candies, gushy greeting cards and fragrant flowers lies a lesser known, but rapidly rising February holiday. A day for celebrating the leading ladies in your life and showing appreciation for their support and friendship. Galentine’s Day is rapidly approaching and we have four perfect ways to celebrate!

Em, in the purple dress with our cousins, Heidi, Megan and Lindsay, Easter 1993. Our family did bold brows and blunt bangs long before they were in style. 

Shop Local and Celebrate Early

  • Sara’s House and Basil 1791 – Stop in to Hamilton’s newest restaurant, Basil 1791 for sushi (excuse us while we squeal with excitement. Hamilton FINALLY has a sushi place downtown! woohoo!) Then head over to Sara’s House for her FREE Galentine’s Day event. Shop her adorable home decor store, along with handmade gifts from Gingham Girl Greetings (who we also love!) desserts from, Hamilton staple, Hyde’s Restaurant  and free wine tastings from Hanover WineryDid you hear us say free wine? 


“Invest” in your friendships

  • Queen City Exchange (2/14 4pm – 12am) – If you’ve never been to Queen City Exchange, this is the perfect opportunity. Make an investment in your craft beer palate with stock market pricing or snag a few 1/2 price wine bottles. Stick around for Galentine’s Trivia beginning at 8pm

Get Cheesy

  • The Rhined – Who doesn’t love cheese? The Rhined on Elm street in downtown Cincinnati will have a special Galentine’s Day wine list, bubbly, soft cheeses and chocolates from Velveteen Chocolate and like their website says, “No crafts, no activities, just wine. cheese. and chocolate.” The makings of a perfect girls night if you ask us.
A gift for our parents a few years ago a professional, but cheesy little photo shoot.

Treat Yo’ Self in Over the Rhine

  • Grab the girls and head downtown for a whole day of pampering yourselves. Start with housemade seasonal sangria at Nation, a fresh coat of paint or a mani/pedi at Spruce Natural Nail Shop, then head out to shop the stores that are scattered throughout Over the Rhine (Elm & Iron is one of our favorites!) To top it all off head over Lane + Kate‘s collaborative store with Two Little Buds Florist and buy yourself some jewelry and a bouquet, because we all know you deserve it.


Go ahead, get dolled up, go dancing, have a couple glasses of champagne and for cryin’ out loud tell your girlfriends just how much you love them!

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Have Yourself a Merry New York Christmas


We love Christmas in our hometown, and we love Christmas in Cincinnati. We love Christmas just about anywhere, in fact. You know we’re big believers in exploring your little corner of the country. However, we’re also big believers in the fact that sometimes you have to bend the budget a bit and treat yourself to an unforgettable experience.

Jessica had always heard nobody does Christmas like New York City, so she was ready to see what all the fuss was about. Of course, NYC did not disappoint. Thinking about visiting?  Scroll on down for Jessica’s Christmas in New York City tips and recommendations:


Holiday Have-To’s: 

  • The Rockettes –  We knew we were in for a treat, but we had no idea just how wonderful this show would be. Plan to arrive 45 – 60 minutes early to avoid crowds and treat yourself to the “good seats!” You won’t regret it.


  • Central Park Carriage Ride – we spent a magical 45 minutes clip-clopping around Central Park.
  • Saks Holiday Light Show – Disclaimer: the crowds are not to be taken lightly. We stumbled upon their light show on our way to dinner and were quickly swallowed up by a sea of onlookers. Worth it, though!


  • Ice Skating at Bryant Park – Sure, Rockefeller Center is the tourist hot spot, but Bryant Park is cheaper, and tends to be less crowded. Which means … less people to witness you wipe out on the ice. $20 per person or free with your own skates. Speaking of Rockefeller Center …

  • The Christmas Tree at Rockefeller Center – The star of the show. The beating heart of Christmas in New York City and a definite on the must-see list.


Where we shopped: 

  • Macy’s – Nothing puts us in the mood to shop like a well-decorated department store. Hello christmas lights and red velvet … goodbye paycheck.
  • Holiday Markets at Bryant and Central Parks – a great place to find one of a kind souvenirs an stocking stuffers.


Where we ate/drank: 

  • Del Frisco’s ($$$-$$$$) – Conveniently located across from Radio City Music Hall and steaks well worth the price tag.
  • Flute – 1920’s themed champagne speakeasy with an intimate atmosphere *Swoon*


  • Da Marino ($$-$$$) – Lobster ravioli that will change your life, generous wine pours and a piano crooning in the background. Heaven with a side of marinara.
  • The Carnegie Club – warm up with a Manhattan next to the fireplace at this shmoozy cigar lounge. Easily our dad’s favorite spot!
  • Lillie’s Victorian Establishment ($$) – Victorian elegance greets you at every turn in this magical little place. Lunch served on fine china and tea in delicate porcelain had us feeling like royalty.


Where we stayed: 

  • Central Park Mariott on 54th street – the front desk staff offered to hold our bags while we waited for our room so we checked our bags and headed to lunch. This hotel was a great price comparatively for the season and was in a great location, centrally located between Times Square and Central Park.


Favorite thing we brought along:

  • A vintage fur –  because, if not in New York at Christmas time … when? Faux or authentic, bust out that vintage mink and get your Doris Day on.
How cute is our Mom? Her blonde mink bolero was a steal for just around $20 at an antique auction. 


Once all the holiday boxes were checked, there were a few more things we had to see before we left….

  • Downton Abbey Exhibit – We can’t get enough Downton Abbey, so when we found out the exhibit was in town we had to make a stop. Well worth the time and money!
  • Natural History Museum – we stopped in to check out the exhibits and see where Night at the Museum was filmed.
  • Choir Mass at St. Patrick’s Cathedral – Catholic or not, St. Patrick’s Cathedral is a welcome break from the chaos of the Christmas crowds and a beautiful choir performance that will gently bring you back to the true meaning of the Christmas season. Plan to arrive early – we grabbed coffee and windowshopped our way there.


  • Chicago at Ambassador Theater – One of our favorite movies, and we finally got the chance to see it live! The Ambassador Theater is a perfectly intimate auditorium, plan to arrive a little early (30 minutes at least) to avoid the rush!
  • Good Morning America – We decided to wander down to Times Square to see if we could catch any of the Good Morning America live shots. We got lucky and wound up on TV behind Meteorologist, Ginger Zee. 15 seconds of fame …. Check.

  • New York Public Library – where are our fellow Sex And The City fans? Carrie and Big’s wedding was supposed to be held here in the SATC movie, but the New York Public Library has so much more to offer.
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SDJ’s Vintage-Inspired Gift Guide

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Let’s face it. Some people are just hard to shop for. Whether they’re the “already has everything” person, or the return/regift type – we all have at least one on our list who sends our inner Santa into a frenzy.

Fear not friends, for Sincerely, Doris Jane scoured the mall, for blog post research of course *wink wink*, in search of vintage inspired gifts that are timeless classics, an instant hit and surely to not be returned. We’ve got you covered from stocking stuffers to hardly-fits-under-your-tree gifts.

  • Remember our interview with Sara’s House?  We stopped in to do a little shopping and Sara is offering an EXCLUSIVE BOGO offer on her mercury glass ornaments for our readers only! Simply mention: SINCERELYSANTA and you’re an instant VIP. They’re gorgeous on a tree and remind us of the ornaments our grandma’s always had. The best part? They’re not made with actual mercury so they’re household safe.
  • Nothing says old school glam like a holly-berry red lip. We stopped over to the MAC counter in Macy’s and tried on a few. Our favorite? MAC Red in their satin finish ($17.50). The perfect shade for a very Marilyn Christmas. Find it online here.

  • What’s every lovely lady want for Christmas? Why, Chanel No. 5 of course! We loved the “pink bottle” version. Starting at $80 at Macy’s.

  • Get your Don Draper on with crystal barware. We love this set from Macy’s, on sale for $100 right now, but we’ve seen it for as low as $70! A staple in any MadMen loving household.

  • Gloves make a statement. They say I’m classy. They say I’m confident. They also say, I’m cold. We love these leather gloves by Charter Club at Macy’s for about $50.

  • Pearls go with everything. Faux or Authentic, they’re a must have for every lady’s jewelry box. The best part? You can literally find them EVERYWHERE.

  • Christmas music sounds best on vinyl and whether you have records that have been passed down to you or if you’ve picked them up in a local antique store like we did (for just a few dollars a piece at Ohio Valley Antique Mall), you’ll need something to play them on. We had to have this Crosley Rochester 5-in-1 Deluxe Entertainment System for just $99 at Target right now.
  • The holidays can be crazy and chaotic. We recently read “Chasing Slow” by Erin Loechner for a fresh perspective on prioritizing family and simply slowing down to enjoy the people and things we’ve been blessed with. We really related to her point of view and think our readers will love it! We found it for $14.95 at Anthropologie, but it’s also available on Amazon, and at your local library.

Happy shopping everybody! Share your vintage inspired gifts on our Facebook page or in the comments below! We’d love to see what you’ve found.

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A Better Black Friday


We know we promised a post yesterday afternoon, but we literally shopped until we dropped yesterday. Now that we’re rested and fully caffeinated we feel like we can properly share our Black Friday secret. The secret that will change your shopping strategy forever.

A few years ago we decided to ditch the crowds, chaos and 4:00am alarm clocks and opt for something a little different. Sleeping in, stops for coffee and snacks, significantly less crowds and antiques … all of our favorite things!

This year’s Black Friday destination was Lebanon, OH. Lots of history, adorable shops, and lots of really great bargains on really great stuff. So we thought we’d bring you a guide to turning your Black Friday shopping into a little overnight, because that’s officially on our calendar for next year…


Where to start: 

On our way to Lebanon we stopped by Ohio Valley Antique Mall, one of our favorite local spots. We very rarely leave there empty handed. This time we found a booth packed with these old ads, and at only $2.50-5.00 a piece, we couldn’t pass them up. We also found this piece of an old soap crate from the Andrew Jergens Company. Stay tuned for how we use them!


Where to Shop: 

Miller’s Antique Mall – Another one of our favorites! Everything from vintage gloves to china cabinets, you’ll find it here.

Broadway Antique Mall – They also have a little bit of everything. Lots of antique jewelry, records and old radios that actually work. So cool.

BluClover – The perfect place if you’re looking for a one of a kind print for your home, most hand painted by the owner’s daughter. We spent at least 20 minutes planning the nurseries of children we don’t have yet in this place. Everything is heartbreakingly sweet and beautiful.

blu clover
A little peek inside BluClover, compliments of their Facebook page. 

Blume – We love love love Blume. Gorgeous additions to your home decor, gifts for the perpetually-impossible-to-shop-for person on your list and lots and lots of our latest obsession … tea towels. We can’t get enough. See ya what little cash we had in our wallet.

This beautiful photo courtesy of Blume’s Facebook page. 

Green Country Market – Another great little gift and home decor spot! Like we died and went to a Joanna Gaines designed heaven. This place is like a tiny little piece of Magnolia Farms.

Ambassador Antiques and Fine Linens – remember our post about Jessica’s bedding? This is where she found all those beautiful frilly features. Easily #1 on our to-visit list every time we make it up to Lebanon. You’ve never seen such a perfectly peaceful store, we’re sure of it.

Another great shot from Ambassador Antiques Elegant Baby and Fine Linens Facebook page. 

Where to Eat: 

Breakfast: Royce Cafe & Coffeehouse

Lunch: Village Ice Cream Parlor 

Dinner: The Golden Lamb Inn & Restaurant


Where to Sleep:

The Golden Lamb Inn & Restaurant – Hands down one of the coolest places to rest your weary, shopping exhausted head. Presidents, authors and other people from history have all stopped for a stay at The Golden Lamb. How many other places can offer a chance to stay in the same room as people like Harriet Beecher Stowe, James Whitcomb Riley and Ronald Reagan just to name a few?

Bonus Fun…FREE CARRIAGE RIDES!  We stumbled upon free carriage rides on the way back to the car and couldn’t pass it up.



Tell us what we’re missing! Do you have a favorite antique store we need to check out?

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5 Reasons to Take a Trip to West Baden Springs Hotel


Emily turned 30 last week! To celebrate, we’re giving you a peek into her surprise trip and 5 reasons you’ll love French Lick Resort & West Baden Springs Hotel


This year was a big one. Or so everyone told me. THIRTY.

Sure, thirty sounded older, but doesn’t it also sound more sophisticated? 29 year old me certainly thought so, and I was prepared to celebrate it appropriately. Ask any of my friends and they’ll tell you my birthday seems to go on forever. Can anyone really fit a celebration that big into 24 short hours? I say no. 

FullSizeRender (46)
A little back story here: he knows I love a surprise, but also knows I will drive myself bananas trying to figure it out. So naturally, he told me 2 months ago and then … NOTHING. No clues, no tripped up words, no subtle hints or forgotten receipts left lying on the counter. I had NO idea where we were going.

What I didn’t know was my husband, Jimmy, had planned a surprise getaway for my birthday – which also happens to be our wedding anniversary.

FullSizeRender (39)
We hopped in the car, dropped off the kid, grabbed a coffee and were on our way.

A beautiful 3 hour drive ended at the even more beautiful West Baden Springs Hotel. We stayed Thursday – Saturday and had plenty to do. These are just a few of our favorites … in no particular order:

 1. The “Little Things” – West Baden Springs Hotel is full of tiny details to enhance your trip. Our room was gorgeous, he splurged for the Historical Room, knowing my love of antiques and old-timey details. Paned French windows with velvet curtains overlooked the atrium, a claw foot tub, and chocolates and chilled champagne, all there to greet us when we arrived. He also reserved a horse drawn carriage to pick us up from dinner (awwww…) and when we got back to the hotel, a piano was crooning in the atrium so we sat to listen for a while. The perfect ending to a busy day.

FullSizeRender (43)

FullSizeRender (42)

2. The History – The original hotel, built in 1855, was destroyed by a fire in 1901, but was reopened in 1902 by then owner, Lee W. Sinclair. His new design included the beautiful indoor atrium, umbrella-ed by the “Eighth Wonder of the World” dome and a fireplace that could burn 14-foot logs. (Still intact, but not functioning – or at least not when we were there.) The hotel changed hands a few times before it closed its doors and sat empty for nearly 20 years. Read more about the hotels history here.

FullSizeRender (51)

FullSizeRender (38)

3. The Dining – Our first night in French Lick we had reservations at 1875: The Steakhouse, located inside the French Lick Resort which was fantastic. Don’t leave without a piece of cheesecake! We also tried out the decadent Grand Colonnade Restaurant for breakfast and were not disappointed. The only thing better than that waffle bar is the room itself. Gilded and Gorgeous and perfectly grandiose.

FullSizeRender (49).jpg
French Lick Resort is the “Birthplace of Tomato Juice.” 1875 serves each guest a shotglass of their signature tomato juice to honor this part of their history.

4. The Relaxing Atmosphere –  On day 2 I was whisked away to the Spa at West Baden Springs Hotel for a couples massage. Once we got over the implied romantics (we’re not the couples massage type, so we spent the first few minutes holding back laughter) we settled in for 50 minutes of quiet relaxation. The kind of quiet you just don’t get when there’s a 1 year old at home. 

FullSizeRender (50)
Spa selfies are the best selfies …

We took the rest of the afternoon to take walks and enjoy the view from the breathtaking veranda that wraps around the hotel. We chose two rockers in the sun; I did a crossword and he read the days newspaper. I could’ve stayed there all day. We let the beautiful gardens and surrounding areas lead us. To tell us their stories at their own pace.

FullSizeRender (40)

FullSizeRender (48)FullSizeRender (47)

5. The Outdoor Activities – Wooded trails teeming with wildlife surround the hotel grounds, and at varying difficulty levels, there is something for everyone. Paved paths for runners and walkers, rugged woodsy trails for hiking and mountain bikes, and gravel drives for a relaxing walk or drive through the woods. We hiked every day, first down the gravel driveway to the stables, and eventually ventured into the woods for more of a challenge, in awe of the autumn beauty everywhere we looked.

FullSizeRender (37)FullSizeRender (35)

It’s safe to say we’ll be back, and hopefully very soon!