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Clean Week: Our Favorite Products

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We’re not necessarily “neat freaks.” Things get out of place, things get messy and things get pushed to “tomorrow.” However, we do consider ourselves “clean freaks.” When we clean our houses we like everything to look clean, feel clean, and most importantly smell clean. We’re a pediatric nurse and a stay-at-home-mom of one messy little boy (with another messy little boy on the way) so our love of disinfecting products runs pretty deep.

In fact, we’ve tried just about every cleaning product on the market searching for the perfect way to clean every inch of our house without spending an entire day with a scrub brush in our hands. The products below have not only saved us time, but they’ve stopped us just short of bleaching our entire house:

DIY Faves

  • Baking Soda – fresh scent and gently abrasive, this little box packs a serious cleaning punch
  • Vinegar – included in every DIY cleaning recipe you’ll find online, and for good reason
  • Lemon Juice – will take the stink our of just about anything
  • Lavender Essential Oils – because who doesn’t love how lavender smells?

Top 5 Store Bought Time Savers

  • Pledge Multi-Surface – This one little can saves so much space and time. It’ll clean and dust anything from glass to wood. No more switching bottles 4 times for each room.
  • Pledge Squirt & Mop – Cleans and shines quickly between deep clean mop sessions. Perfect for trailing after a muddy dog or sticky toddler.
  • Bar Keepers Friend Soft Cleanser – Leave your whole kitchen nice and shiny and finally get those stainless steel appliances fingerprint free
  • Purell Multi-Surface Disinfectant – Em searched high and low for a granite-safe disinfectant for her kitchen and bathroom countertops. Behold … prayers have been answered.
  • Mr. Clean Magic Erasers – The answer to any mess your children, pets and husband can make.

We try not to obsess over a cleaning schedule because we tried it and it started to make us crazy. Falling behind or skipping a task had us feeling stressed and overwhelmed, the opposite of what we were going for. We’ve learned we are better about keeping a house clean if we do a little bit at a time, while doing things like blinds, baseboards, dusting etc when we see that it needs to be done. We’re also no stranger to the frantic “friends are coming over” cleaning spree. Who would’ve guessed you could get so much done in such a short amount of time? However, if you want an idea of what our idea of a manageable schedule looks like, you can find a printable below.

You Can Do It Cleaning Schedule

Tomorrow we tackle the stuff that stinks in your house. Exciting, right? So tell us, what’s the one thing in your house you just cant keep from getting smelly? We’ll try to help out!


Doris Jane