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Home Sweet Home

5 Fall Favorites for Your Home

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      Now that it’s finally starting to cool off here in Ohio, we’re finally ready to embrace the fall season that seemed to start months ago on social media. Fall was my favorite season before it was all #fallyall and pumpkin spice lattes (which I actually hate, am I the only one? ick.) I’ve always loved the crisp air and changing leaves and carving pumpkins. AND October is my birthday month, so what’s not to love, right?

     Aside from all the outdoor opportunities that come along with a chill in the air is the chance to decorate indoors for a cozy, bowl-of-chili-and-college-football feeling. Speaking of college football, while my husband’s been rooted to the couch every Saturday (and Sunday, if I’m being honest) I’ve been shopping….and shopping small/local, which you guys know is where we always find the best stuff. So let’s get down to (small) business here shall we? Here’s my top 5 fall favorites for your home:

  1. A cozy candle from Flores Lane’s NYC line will bring autumn goodness into your
    home. Bye bye pumpkin spice candle, helloooo warm fall scents like bayberry, basil, grapefruit, tobacco and sandalwood.

    photo cred: @joi.knows.how
  2. Sara’s House has these adorable vintage paper placemats (remember the Santa placemats we were going nuts over last winter? These are the fall version) and these terracotta pumpkin lanterns would be the perfect centerpiece or accent to your kitchen or dining room. and how cute are those teeny little pumpkins!
  3. Handmade wall decor from Designs by Dor is the perfect way to bring a little handmade flair to your home. We love these two wall signs … now all you have to do is decide which one to order! 
  4. Miller Street Boutique is a beautiful little boutique in Fairfield, OH that has a little bit of everything. The antique touches perfectly complement the gift items, boutique clothing and, of course, home decor.
  5. DIY Lemon & Rosemary Stovetop Potpourri from Rachel Schultz is another great way to make your whole house smell heavenly without the open flame (in case you have curious little counter climbers like I do.) 

….and of course a couple great big mums and a couple pumpkins on the front porch to greet your guests. What’s your favorite way to decorate for fall?