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Our Funny Valentines

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At the end of last year, we both decided that learning new things would be one of our New Year’s Resolutions for 2018. Em wanted to learn to sew, among other things. Jess also had a lengthy list, but woke up one day and decided to be really great at watercolor painting.She tried to teach Em who quickly decided maybe watercolor wasn’t her thing. We practiced. She tutored. Hilarity ensued.

Emily’s first flower attempt

After being gifted a Michael’s gift card a few months back, Jess decided to spend it on watercolor supplies to get her started. She picked up a pack of paintbrushes, a watercolor pad , and a starter set of watercolor paints.  She scoured books and YouTube tutorials and within a week was painting every day, getting better by the minute. 

We’ve been painting animals, birds, fruits and flowers, but Jess decided that in the spirit of Valentine’s Day, we should send hand painted Valentine’s Day cards. Again, Jess practically sprinted through a series of adorable cards while Em toiled away on a pair of tulips.


Two weeks later, Jess has a book full of paint, nearly every page worthy of a frame.

Em has …. an apple. But darn it she sure is proud of that apple.


Do we have any artists in the house? Any favorite tutorials or YouTube channels?

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10 Signs You’re an Old Soul Just Like Us 

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We’ve always been a bit different. Nostalgic. Sentimental. Whatever you’d like to call it. We listen to Glenn Miller and Harry James instead of whatever is on the radio these days. We wear gloves and pillbox hats and full skirts and bake from scratch in aprons. Different.

With the best Dad in town, Easter 2017

We find ourselves pining for the way life was for our grandparents. Simple.                    We certainly don’t mean that they had it easy. Grandma Doris lived through The Great Depression (you wanna talk about having stories to tell. Yeesh.) They saw the world go to war and watched the country come together when they needed it the most. No, life surely wasn’t easy all the time, but it was simple. Free from the tangles of social media, technology and double-booked schedules. A time of family dinners and card parties and letting the kids play outside “until the streetlights came on.”

If you’ve gotten this far, our guess is you also find yourself moving to the beat of your own drum, or in our case to the tune of a Big Band trumpet. We are dreamers. Believers. But most of all we’re “old souls” and if you answer yes to a few of these, well then you have a forever friend in Sincerely, Doris Jane.

10 Signs You’re an Old Soul Just Like Us

  1. You Daydream – Whether it’s a story from your Grandma or Grandpa, a history book, or an old record, all you have to do is close your eyes and you can time travel.
  2. You’re a “paper” person
    • Mail – You’re a total sucker for new stationery and go bananas over the perfect birthday card. Jess likes to throw in something a little sparkly, our advice to you – open anything from her over the sink, or spend the next hour trying pick up glitter and confetti. You also find great joy in finding a little something with your name on it in the mailbox (other than bills. bleh.) and you rush back inside to grab your antique letter opener.
    • Books – You’re a library regular and you adore the quiet vacation that comes with a trip through the shelves. You could spend hours trying to pick the perfect title. The one that seems to jump right into your hands. When you open it, what do you do before reading a single line? ……. Did you just whisper “smell the pages?” We thought so.DSCF5400
    • Technology – You find yourself saying things like “I need to check my planner/address book” fairly often because you don’t keep those things in your smartphone. You also seem to be ages behind your friends when it comes to technology or the latest apps.
  3. You believe things deserve to be fixed rather than thrown away – from darning a sock to patching up a bruised relationship, you at least try to fix whatever it is before discarding it. You reuse things when you can and love the feeling of pride when you’re able to make something work again.
  4. You love history – Whether it’s leafing through a history book, tracing the branches of your family tree or paging through an old family album you find history to be a free vacation. You love a little trip down someone else’s memory lane.

    Grandma Jane and our Mom, don’t you want to squeeze her little cheekies? 
  5. Music feeds your soul – You’re a little more “in tune” with what song will fill your heart and make you feel whole. You’re unceasingly romantic and know the right music can enhance an old memory or create a new one. Hit play on “Sentimental Journey” by Doris Day in our house and it’s like Grandma Jane is right there singing along.
    Em dancing with Poppy on her wedding day to “Moonlight Serenade” by Glenn Miller



    Grandma Jane (dancing with her cousin by marriage, Taft) and her dad, Great-Grandpa Laesche (dancing with his sister, Ann) 
  6. You love being outside – You enjoy gardening, watching birds, picking flowers and taking walks because being outdoors seems to stop time. While walking with Grandma Doris she gazed up and said, “those trees look like they could reach Heaven.” It’s hard not to long for the shade of an old sycamore in the middle of July after that.
  7. Shopping – Let us guess, when shopping with your friends you’ve heard that something “looks like you.” You see a vintage a-line dress in a store window and immediately match it to the gloves and swing coat you have at home. You feel at home in an antique shop because, let’s face it, you’re an antique yourself. Your style, whether it be clothing or home décor is unapologetically your own and you like it that way.
  8. You love a roadtrip – Warm air through open windows, music on and a bag of snacks and homemade cookies in the back seat is the perfect way to start and end a vacation. It gives you a chance to connect with the person in the seat next to you.
    We snapped this at 1940’s weekend at Cincinnati Museum Center a few years back


  9. You’ve been told you are “wise beyond your years” –  Deep down you’re sure you’re at least 80. You are calm, level-headed and can adapt easily to change.
  10. You have an appreciation for the “little things” – Our motto is “Little Things Mean a Lot.” It also happens to be one of our favorite old songs. It’s a reminder to stop and smell the roses every once in a while. To call your grandpa, write to that friend you lost touch with, give a gift that really means something. Fill your home with memories and belongings of family members who have passed away and continue their stories. Let your hair down and truly enjoy the people around you because some day the little things will be the big things. 
    Poppy on his birthday last year

Seek and enjoy the simple pleasures life has to offer, guys and dolls. We promise you won’t be disappointed.

Em and a few of her bridesmaids posing with the groomsmen’s cigars  
Jess and her roommates on graduation day from The Ohio State University

…and to all the old souls out there, we love you.



Doris Jane


Giveaway #1: Gelato Flight from Kee Mo Sabe Espresso and Gelato

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We love wandering through Waynesville, OH. Between the little shops and the one-right-after-another antique stores, it’s one of our happiest places to be. During a particularly cold trip, we shivered our way into Kee Mo Sabe Espresso and Gelato and had the best hot chocolate that has ever graced our lips.

So when we had the idea for this giveaway blitz as a little treat for our readers and a boost for our favorite small businesses, Kee Mo Sabe was one of our first phone calls. We love coffee and espresso as much as the next person, but is there really anything more decadent and worthy of the “treatyoself” hashtag than gelato?


Grandma’s Slanguage

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“What a bird! … Oh, go fly a kite … Do a job big or small, do it right or not at all … Goodnight Shirt! …”

Our grandma’s had plenty of words or little sayings. Things that have become sweet memories even though they didn’t make a whole lot of sense when we were kids. That got us thinking about all the slang words and sayings we’ve seen come and go over the years and we thought we’d do some digging and unearth some long-forgotten slang terms that grew up with our grandparents…

“Oh, applesauce!” – When you overhear your friend telling someone she’s 29 when you know she turned 33 last week your response could be “Ohhh APPLESAUCE!!”

Pictured Right: Our Great-Aunt Georgianna and her cousins

“Butt me” – If your cigarette case is empty you can ask a friend to “bum a smoke” by saying “butt me.”

“Cheaters” – Let’s say you’re trying to read the newspaper and can’t quite make out the print, you might say to your sweetie, “Hand me my cheaters, would ya?”

Our Grandma Jane’s “handcuff” and wedding band. 

“Handcuff” – When your girlfriend gets engaged, you might grab her left hand and say “Let me see that handcuff!”

“Gigglewater” – When you’ve had a long day at work, you could ask your wife for a glass of giggle water.


“What’s eatin’ you?” – A friend of your’s seems to be in a sour mood and you want to know what’s wrong you can ask her, “What’s eatin’ you?”

Our Uncle Tony at about 7 years old.

“What a bird!” – A polite way to call someone a class clown or a “nut.”

“Know your onions” – In case you’re ever at a trivia contest and you meet someone who seems to know everything you could tell them they, “sure do know their onions.”  

“Wet blanket.” – If you’re referring to someone who never seems to have any fun, he would be considered a wet blanket.

Our mom, Marianne and her brother Tony

“Let’s take a powder.” – Let’s say you’re at a boring party and you want to leave, you might say to your friend, “Let’s take a powder.”

Tell us: what were your favorite phrases/words from your parents and grandparents? 


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Happy Mother’s Day from Sincerely, Doris Jane …

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A mother is a delicate balance. She is strong enough to be the cornerstone of the household and the matriarch of her little family, yet gentle enough to offer her shoulder to tiny crying faces. She is confident in her maternal wisdom, both inherited and instinctual, yet humble enough to remain in the shadows to let her children take the spotlight. She is beautiful, sometimes in ways only a mother can be, whether it’s the light in her eyes when she plays with her children, or the beaming “glow” radiating beyond the round, firm belly of pregnancy, yet she lacks enough vanity to put her children and her family before herself. She is the first friend. The loudest cheerleader. The kisser of bumps and bruises. The steady hand when learning to walk. The phone call for reassurance. The first card on your birthday. The giver of hugs and kisses and rides to elementary school. She is both uniquely and wonderfully herself, yet a perfect combination of the mothers and grandmothers who have come before her.