sisters. old souls. believers that little things mean a lot.


Get to Know Us!

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I am a Pediatric Nurse with a passion for bringing this crazy world back down to Earth with hand me downs, hiking, and comic relief. I was blessed with an arranged best-friendship via my sister, Emmy, and I wouldn’t trade it for the world … or an antique Victrola. I believe that everything happens for a reason, family comes first and chocolate goes in everything. Most of what you see on social media comes from me, being the younger, more privy-to-what’s-trendy of the two – but neither of us are very tech savvy.

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I am a marketing gal turned stay-at-home-mama to one little boy (with another boy on the way. Pray for me!) I love to get dressed up, but prefer jeans, a tshirt and my trusty “Chucks.” I’m a creative writing junkie and a firm believer that prayer, red wine and the right music can solve anything life throws at you. I love all things organization, antiques and keeping life simple. I’m also a novice gardener and not so novice taste-tester of Jessica’s baking trials.



Welcome to Sincerely, Doris Jane!

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Two sisters. Two friends. Two “old souls” with a love of writing, baking and the lifestyles of our grandparents generation. That’s how Sincerely, Doris Jane came to be. We are a nurse and a stay at home mom who spend our free time at antique shops and our weekends at flea markets. We are lovers of photography, cooking, and carrying on the memory of our loved ones by embracing the simpler, and more polished lifestyles of our grandparents.

The idea stemmed from a night out with our Grandpa, or Poppy as we call him, to an a cappella group that featured some of the songs we grew up with from the McGuire and Andrew Sisters. It was something about the familiar song, “Sincerely” that inspired us to start this blog and to name it Sincerely Doris Jane.

While we are at the beginning of our blogging adventure, we are no stranger to the Instagram blogs we scroll through day to day. Lately, we have noticed that among the How-To and Tutorial websites and blogs, we just couldn’t find exactly what we were looking for. Here’s where you come in – we want to hear your stories, and the stories of your parents and grandparents. Show us how you’ve incorporated pieces you’ve inherited into your home. Send us your questions about etiquette, home or something you learn about your family’s past. We’d love to hear from you!

Thank you so much for visiting our site – we hope you take a look around and find something that will bring you back. We’re looking forward to learning more about how our grandparents and their friends lived, and we’re even more excited to share it with you.

Please subscribe to our blog, and look for us on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. They might be fairly bare right now, but we promise to add lots of fun posts to your feed as soon as we can!