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Giveaway #3: Five One Three Bagel Co.

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One of our favorite things about small businesses owners is their willingness to give back to their community. Five One Three Bagel Co. is a great little bakery in Over the Rhine with an even greater back story.

Five One Three Bagel Co. owner, Kim Hoover found her business inspiration while recovering from alcohol addiction. She wanted to create a company based on courage, transformation and philanthropy.

Kim hopes to help others who suffer from addiction by sharing her story, and her gourmet bagels. She plans to donate a portion of the company’s process to local addiction recovery services. She hopes to help others experience the gifts that a drug and alcohol free life has to offer.

Five One Three Bagel Co. operates out of Findlay Kitchen in Over-the-Rhine. Their bagels are made from scratch using a preferment dough that is hand-rolled and allowed to proof overnight.

With Specialty Flavors like Blueberry Lemon, Apricot Pistachio and their Cinnamon Pecan Sticky Bagel Bun as well as Classic Flavors, you really can’t go wrong with whichever one you choose!

One of our readers will win a Five One Three Bagel Co. t-shirt, and a gift certificate for a bakers choice dozen bagels!

All you have to do is:

  • Tag a friend who can’t pass up a great Bagel.
  • Follow Sincerely Doris Jane on Instagram and Facebook
  • Follow Five One Three Bagel on Instagram and Facebook

Interested in placing a specialty order or catering? Click here!


Giveaway #2: Younique Splash Liquid Lipstick

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Do we have any fellow cosmetics junkies? We have boxes of lipsticks, baskets of bronzers and blushes, a drawer of eyeshadow palettes. We have a problem.

One of our favorite looks is a red lip. Matched correctly to your skin tone, a bold red lip is as classic as your favorite little black dress. Our friend, Kendra, gave us this Younique lipstick to share with our readers! This lipstick can also be used as a blush when you need a pop of color on your cheeks (who else here has used their lipstick as a blush when they’re in a pinch and need a little color? This is one of our favorite save-the-day tricks.) 

younique 2

Our winner will get a tube of Splash Liquid Lipstick in Sizzling, ($27 value) completely FREEEE from our girl Kendra Thomas. (click here to place an order with Kendra!) Kendra is a yellow status presenter and would love to help you find your perfect products. (Have questions? Click here to e-mail Kendra) This sassy red shade is a must for your makeup bag, and it’ll only cost you a couple clicks. Tag a friend, then follow our Instagram/Facebook pages (@sincerelydorisjane). That’s it!

We’ll announce our winner on January 8, 2018 so check back soon to see if you’ve won!


Giveaway #1: Gelato Flight from Kee Mo Sabe Espresso and Gelato

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We love wandering through Waynesville, OH. Between the little shops and the one-right-after-another antique stores, it’s one of our happiest places to be. During a particularly cold trip, we shivered our way into Kee Mo Sabe Espresso and Gelato and had the best hot chocolate that has ever graced our lips.

So when we had the idea for this giveaway blitz as a little treat for our readers and a boost for our favorite small businesses, Kee Mo Sabe was one of our first phone calls. We love coffee and espresso as much as the next person, but is there really anything more decadent and worthy of the “treatyoself” hashtag than gelato?


4 Days of Giveaways!

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Take a peek at our Sentimental Journeys page and you’ll see why we care so much for small businesses. Our grandparents always told us of a time when people not only helped their neighbor, but they really knew their neighbor. Everyone was connected by the simple fact that they belonged to the same neighborhood. They shared a sense of pride and adoration for their hometown and their country, and there’s something romantically nostalgic about that kind of inherent kindness, isn’t there?

We’re passionate about supporting small businesses because we believe that is the first step to bringing back that sense of community. We thought the beginning of a new year would be a perfect time to encourage our shop small initiative. We wanted to introduce our readers to some really special small businesses by giving away some of their great products all this week. So we teamed up with Kee Mo Sabe Espresso and Gelato, a Younique Cosmetics rep, FiveOneThree Bagel Co. and Flores Lane candles to give back twice; we give our loyal readers a little love, and then also do what we can to help get our readers through the doors of some of our favorite small businesses.

Below you’ll find the rules for these giveaways and how to enter. We hope that even if you don’t win next week, that you’ll consider shopping small as much as possible in 2018.

Good Luck!

How to Enter:

  • Tag a friend in the comments on our Instagram/Facebook and like the post.
  • Follow our Facebook and Instagram pages
  • Follow the Facebook/Instagram pages of our giveaway sponsors


Rules (and other legal stuff we have to say…):

  • Winners must be at least 18 years old and live within the continental United States.
  • Winners will be notified prior to follow up announcement for permission to post their name as our winner.
  • There will be one winner per day.
  • Winners for Kee Mo Sabe and FiveOneThree Bagel must live in the Cincinnati, OH area.
  • Prizes are not transferable or redeemable for cash
  • Our sponsors reserve the right to determine expiration dates for any promotional codes or gift cards/certificates that are given away.
  • Our giveaways are not sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with Instagram, Facebook or WordPress. We are solely responsible for the promotion and execution of our giveaways and reserve the right to enforce all applicable rules.

New Year’s Resolutions


Each year we get a fresh start. A new beginning. Another chance to make ourselves a little better, a little healthier, a little closer to God and our families. An opportunity to love a little harder, be a better friend, a stronger mother, a more confident version of ourself. It’s hard not to greet January 1st with a glimmer of hope and anticipation.

We’ve set some New Year’s Resolutions for ourself, and for Sincerely, Doris Jane, and we thought we’d share them with you to help us keep ourselves accountable (because these kinds of things are more fun with friends, right?) 

Jessica’s Resolutions:

  • Read the Bible cover to cover
  • Visit at least 2 National Parks – Currently eyeing Cuyahoga and the Grand Canyon. Any visiting tips or recommendations? 

Emily’s Resolutions:

  • Make more time for myself, my friends and my family
  • Learn something new – sewing, a new language, an instrument … what will it be?

Sincerely, Doris Jane’s Resolutions:

  • Get to know some of our readers – tell us your story, comment on posts that really speak to you, leave a tip or recommendation. We want to hear from you!
  • Take a dance class
  • Hit 500 Instagram/Facebook followers

Recipe: Cherryl’s Cranberry Sausages

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Without further delay … because, let’s be serious, you’ve waited long enough and we promised it to you last week … just in time for Sunday brunch, we give you: Cherryl’s Cranberry Sausage recipe from our visit to Sycamore Farms Country Inn! The perfect “link” (get it?) between sweet and sour and savory, and hands down the best thing going on in our lives right now. The best part, they’re SO. EASY. and you probably already have all the ingredients in your pantry.

If you missed our visit to the very lovely Sycamore Farms Country Inn … check it out here.


You’ll need:

  • 1 package sausage links
  • 1 cup orange juice
  • Dried cranberries
  • Medium skillet/pan (bonus points for a cast iron)


  • Brown 1 package of sausage links in a medium skillet
  • Add in 1 cup orange juice and let simmer for a few minutes
  • Throw in a handful of dried cranberries and let simmer until the juice forms a glaze and the cranberries plump.
  • Serve with hot coffee and alongside waffles, pancakes or a couple eggs. Enjoy!



Welcome to Sincerely, Doris Jane!

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Two sisters. Two friends. Two “old souls” with a love of writing, baking and the lifestyles of our grandparents generation. That’s how Sincerely, Doris Jane came to be. We are a nurse and a stay at home mom who spend our free time at antique shops and our weekends at flea markets. We are lovers of photography, cooking, and carrying on the memory of our loved ones by embracing the simpler, and more polished lifestyles of our grandparents.

The idea stemmed from a night out with our Grandpa, or Poppy as we call him, to an a cappella group that featured some of the songs we grew up with from the McGuire and Andrew Sisters. It was something about the familiar song, “Sincerely” that inspired us to start this blog and to name it Sincerely Doris Jane.

While we are at the beginning of our blogging adventure, we are no stranger to the Instagram blogs we scroll through day to day. Lately, we have noticed that among the How-To and Tutorial websites and blogs, we just couldn’t find exactly what we were looking for. Here’s where you come in – we want to hear your stories, and the stories of your parents and grandparents. Show us how you’ve incorporated pieces you’ve inherited into your home. Send us your questions about etiquette, home or something you learn about your family’s past. We’d love to hear from you!

Thank you so much for visiting our site – we hope you take a look around and find something that will bring you back. We’re looking forward to learning more about how our grandparents and their friends lived, and we’re even more excited to share it with you.

Please subscribe to our blog, and look for us on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. They might be fairly bare right now, but we promise to add lots of fun posts to your feed as soon as we can!