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Fresh Picked Blueberry Cobbler

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We went pickin’ yesterday! Blueberry pickin’ that is. We braved a little rain at Blooms & Berries Farms in Loveland, OH and came out with 7 pounds of blueberries (we went just a little overboard) so sweet they taste like candy.

The baking options are endless, but we decided to start with one of Em’s favorite from-scratch recipes from Paula Deen. We actually use her peach cobbler recipe and just substitute whatever fruit we have lying around or frozen in the freezer (although we definitely prefer fresh!)

Click here for the recipe!

Blooms & Berries offers U-Pick options throughout the summer season, as well as an indoor produce stand and greenhouse area, lots of spaces for little ones to run and play and some of the most beautiful hanging baskets we’ve ever seen! They have more U-pick dates for blueberries coming up. Click here for details.

We brought Em’s son along, too! We did the picking – he did the eating.

We plan to visit another farm for blackberry season (beginning in July) stay tuned for another great recipe and more photos.


Roasted Beets and Feta

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Our distaste for beets began at an early age. Quickly passing by the small stainless bin of sliced, soggy looking veggies that were floating in who-knows-what every time we came across a salad bar with our parents. Jess used to call them “purple circles” and all she knew about them is that she did not want to be anywhere near them. Emily somehow avoided them for her entire childhood, knowing she wasn’t interested all along.

However a few months ago our Aunt Julie said she found a recipe for red and golden beets and “couldn’t get enough of them” … we’ve been hooked ever since.

Put those canned-beet-memories out of your head and give roasted beets a try. High in fiber, low in fat and just 74 calories per cup, these tasty root veggies deserve a second chance.


1 bunch red beets

1 bunch golden beets

2-3 tablespoons olive oil

Salt and pepper to taste

1 cup feta cheese crumbles


Preheat oven to 400 degrees

Remove stems and tips and peel beets

Dice beets into 1″ cubes

In a large bowl, toss beets in olive or coconut oil, fresh ground pepper, and salt

Spread evenly on foil lined cookie sheet and roast until tender … about 30-40 minutes

Top with goat cheese crumbles (we prefer feta) and serve as a side or on a salad.

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Out With the New in With the Old: Our Recent Vintage Finds

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It’s finally April and that means a few things for us at Sincerely, Doris Jane. Blooming flowers, baseball season AND … last but certainly not least … antique show season! 

Be it Burlington Antique Show, Springfield Extravaganza or just a quick stop into a few of our go-to antique stores, we have a hard time coming home empty handed. We love to see how other people incorporate their finds and family heirlooms into their home decor so we thought we’d share some things we picked up at last year’s markets. We threw in a couple finds from our antique shop trips too, well, because they’re just too cute.

The first round of Burlington shows is coming up this weekend. Find all the vendor and admission information you need here. See ya there!

1940’s Ivory Soap makes a great shelf accent in a bathroom and have a little Cincinnati flair being made by Procter & Gamble. Found for $5 a bar at Venice Pavilion Antique Mall in Ross, OH. 
After seeing one that was out of her price range at an antique show, Jess searched for months for an antique ink well and finally found it last summer for $50 on eBay.
Remember this old Jergens sign Em found on Black Friday? It’s been waiting for the perfect place in her home and she found it. This hangs above an artificial plant holder (IKEA) and is the perfect addition to her guest bathroom. 
This little brass frame was just $5 at Burlington Antique Show last year. It holds a photo of our Great-Grandparents atop their 1930’s Majestic Radio in Emily’s house. The doily under the plant ($10 at IKEA) is also antique and belonged to our Great-Great Aunt Clara. 
Jess is drawn to anything blue and white and made of porcelain. This is a hand-me-down from our mom, but we’ve seen them at shows recently. 
This delicate painted salt pot now holds Em’s wedding rings overnight and perfectly matches the walls around her vanity. Just $5! 


We have stacks of antique books just waiting to be used. They are the perfect touch of “old” to a modern room. We’re not quite sure where these were purchased, but we’re sure we didn’t pay much for them. Usually $5-10 will get you a started on your collection. 



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Our Soft Spot for Soft-Serve

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Creamy whip. Whippy dip. Soft serve. Whatever your family calls it, we know you have one nearby, and if you’re like us, you’re at the walk up window far too often. Even though Cincinnati is having a hard time deciding to warm up, (seriously. It snowed AGAIN this week) that hasn’t stopped our little ice cream shops from firing up their ice cream machines. So who’s ready for some ice cream? (does anyone really ever say, “not me?”) Take a little drive and try out someone else’s little ice cream joint. Try out a few in one day if you feel like it. Warm weather is on the way and you’ll need plenty of options.

  1. Flub’s – Flub’s is a staple in our hometown. With 3 locations (Ross, Hamilton and Fairfield), homemade flavors and more Cyclone options than you could ever dream of, Flub’s is a tough one to beat. Go often. Get Crunch Kote. Go back in the fall for the best pumpkin ice cream that has ever graced your lips.
  2. The Cone – The Cone not only has great ice cream, they have rides and games for the little ones. That means parents can eat their own ice cream before it melts. Win.
  3. Lil Goodie Shoppe – This place probably knows Em’s husband by name because he was there practically every day when she was pregnant. Reese cup flurry for us, please!
  4. Zip Dip – Zip Dip has everything from ice cream to chili dogs! Which means you can feed the family and then stick around for dinner.
  5. ______________ – We’re whippy dip junkies. Tell us your favorite spot so we can pay them a visit!


Saving Grace Boutique Giveaway

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A couple weeks ago we met Kristy for coffee to go over some ideas she had for a promotional giveaway. She is a local realtor and pop-up boutique owner who has a dream to assist adolescents who are struggling with addiction and to increase awareness for the importance of mental health, especially among young people. This dream led her to open Saving Grace Boutique.


Kristy hopes that her hard work and passion will give her the means to create a college scholarship specifically benefitting students who have battled and are recovering from addiction and mental health disparities.


Kristy does all the buying herself and we love the clothes and accessories that she has available. She has been generous enough to offer our readers an exclusive giveaway in honor of Sincerely, Doris Jane’s 1st birthday! We’ll be announcing our winner next week!


Below you’ll find the rules for this giveaway and how to enter. We hope that even if you don’t win next week, that you’ll consider shopping small as much as possible in 2018.

Good Luck!

How to Enter:

  • Tag a friend in the comments on our Instagram and like the post.
  • Follow @SincerelyDorisJane Instagram
  • Follow @SavingGrace513

Rules (and other legal stuff we have to say…)

  • Winners must be at least 18 years old and live within the continental United States.
  • Winners will be notified prior to follow up announcement for permission to post their name as our winner.
  • There will be one winner.
  • Prizes are not transferable or redeemable for cash
  • Our sponsors reserve the right to determine expiration dates for any promotional codes or gift cards/certificates that are given away.
  • Our giveaways are not sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with Instagram, Facebook or WordPress. We are solely responsible for the promotion and execution of our giveaways and reserve the right to enforce all applicable rules.
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Tri-State Travel Guide

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” Do what you can with what you have, where you are” – Theodore Roosevelt

In the day and age of ‘world traveling’ and fabulous Instagram posts, we bring you a Tri-State Travel Guide.  A simple guide to a simple summer. Free trips and time well spent with friends and family, in the car and on the trail. Pack your back pack, lace your boots and “do what you can, with what you have, where you are”.

Lynd Fruit Farm 

A family owned apple farm, dating back to 1919, Lynd Fruit Farm is nestled right out side Columbus in Pataskala, Ohio. Gala, golden delicious, honey crisp…oh my! Looking to pick some apples of your own? This is the place! “You pick” apple season starts in September and extends through October (Weekends only). What better way to bond with your besties than jumping on their back to grab that perfect apple.


Glen Helen Nature Preserve / Clifton Gorge/ Tecumseh Land Trust 

Just one hour from Cincinnati sits Yellow Springs Ohio, a free spirited town full of life, love, and beautifully unique parks! After Jess stumbled upon Tecumseh Land Trust , she will never miss their Sunflower bloom again. In fact, she went up several times last year just to stand in the middle of the field in awe. We love everything T.L.T stands for and can’t wait to return this summer!

Next up is Clifton Gorge. As a lover and chaser of waterfalls, Jess was happy to stand and watch the water surge through Clifton Gorge and it was only a short (10 min) drive from the Tecumseh Land trust and downtown Yellow Springs.

Don’t leave Yellow Springs without taking a drink from the fountain of youth! Didn’t know it was in Dayton, did ya? Historically, the ‘Yellow Spring’ located in Glen Helen Nature Preserve was known for the spring’s natural healing properties – we’d be lying to you if we said Jess and her friend didn’t take a sip before they headed back to the car (whatever works right?)


Hocking Hills 

Who hasn’t heard of Hocking Hills, right? We’re here to tell you everything you’ve heard regarding it’s beauty is absolutely true. From Lower Falls to Old Mans Cave, every inch of Hocking Hills is breath taking. We actually venture up their frequently as we love to see the park throughout the seasons. Autumn is by far Emily’s favorite. Jess would like to see it frozen (she tries to convince anyone who will listen to take that icy hike with her.)

Clifty Falls

A park near and dear to our heart. Our Grandma Doris and Grandpa “Louie” honey mooned to this quaint little spot located near Madison, Indiana. As Jess strolled through the trails she couldn’t help but picture our grandparents walking hand in hand down the same paths; she also couldn’t help but wonder how grandma Doris did it in pearls and heels! To this day, there is still a Lodge, Clifty Inn,  that has a beautiful view of the Ohio river…weekend get-away anyone?

Red River Gorge 

After much discouragement from our mother, Jess was determined to cross Red River Gorge off her list of places to see, no matter how “dangerous.” Don’t be fooled, there are small paths and large drop offs but it is definitely a ‘must see’ if you are in the area (or 2 hours north like us)! Love hiking long distances? Daniel Boone National Forest is adjacent to Red River Gorge – Pack your backpack, we’ll see you in 708,000 acres. Hiking not your thing? Theres also camping, climbing, and zip lining!

We’re looking for our next local outdoor adventure – suggestions are always welcome!



What We’re Reading

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Birds are chirping, temperatures are slowly creeping up and the worst of the winter is (hopefully) over. We think it’s finally safe to say this … SPRING IS ON THE WAY! It’s so close we can practically feel the sunshine, but before we get to enjoy those May flowers, we first have to get through those springtime dreary, wet days.

One of our favorite ways to pass the time on rainy days (other than double the length of our Dad’s to-do/make/repair/build list of course) is to curl up on the couch with something to read. Whether it’s a book we picked up at the library or a great new blog we’ve stumbled upon, you’ll find us being bookworms for the next few weeks. So in the spirit of waiting-for-spring solidarity, we thought we’d tell you what’s sitting on our nightstand or in our inbox.


Breakfast with Nick – Nick, of Breakfast with Nick, was one of Jess’ professors at The Ohio State University. His blog equips you with travel guides, restaurant reviews and recipes from St. Louis to the Outer Banks. Stick with Nick’s advice and leave your mediocre out of town dining experiences behind.

Fleamarket Insiders – If you’re a flea market junky like we are, you need to subscribe. Right now. Not only does this site give you a map of the best flea markets around you based on your location, they’ll teach you what to sell, how to get the best deal and hot items to look for during your next trip.

Off The Clock Nurse – here’s another recommendation from Jess, our very own nurse. Off the Clock Nurse is a chronology of “adventures of a 30-something, single nurse who just needed a damn vacation.” She’s been to Seattle, Greece and everywhere in between and her photos are amaaazing.


How to Raise a Gentleman – Em has a 20 month old who is a wild little guy, but underneath the rough-and-tumble attitude, sticky hands and dirty face, theres a little boy who’s as sweet as honey. Determined to raise a well mannered little boy, Em started reading How to Raise a Gentleman by Kay West.


Cut Flower Garden – One of Em’s Resolutions was to learn something new this year. So far she’s begun learning to sew and hopes to turn her brown thumbs green by planting (and not killing) a container garden and a few new flower beds. Cut Flower Garden is not only chockful of beautiful photos but plenty of information for the novice gardener.


Bible / Jesus Calling – Jess made the resolution this year to read the Bible cover to cover. Em chose a daily devotional, Jesus Calling by Sarah Young, as an uplifting way to start her day. No matter which version you choose, couldn’t we all use a little more Jesus?

What are you reading? We’re always looking for our next favorite book!

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First Lady Facts: Answers

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  1. I was the first First Lady to wear pants in public. I am … Pat Nixon
  2. I am the only First Lady to give birth to twins. I am … Laura Bush
  3. I won an Emmy award for my television tour of the White House. I am also an SDJ style idol. I am … Jacqueline Kennedy
  4. I was the first First Lady to hold press conferences, write a daily newspaper column and host a weekly radio show … I am Eleanor Roosevelt.
  5. I was the first First Lady to vote I am … Florence Harding
  6. I was the first First Lady to have a Christmas tree in the White House. I am … Caroline Harrison
  7. I hosted the first Easter Egg Roll on the White House lawn. I am … Lucy Hayes
  8. I was the only First Lady to receive an honorary seat on the floor of Congress. I am … Dolly Madison
  9. I was the first President’s wife to be given the title “Lady.” I am … Martha Washington
  10. I held a degree from Stanford University and spoke fluent Chinese. I am… Lou Hoover

Bonus: Our current First Lady, Melania Trump, speaks 5 languages. Can you name them?

  • Slovenian, Serbian, English, French and German

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!

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Drumroll please …. Our winners are:

  • Rebecca G. – Gelato flight from Kee Mo Sabe Espresso & Gelato
  • Emily M. – Younique Splash Liquid Lipstick in Sizzling
  • Ally H. – 1 Dozen bagels and a T-shirt from Five One Three Bagel Co.
  • Ashley R. – Flores Lane Candle


Thank you to everyone who entered! Keep an eye out for our next giveaway!



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Giveaway #4: Flores Lane Candle

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Remember when we first mentioned our favorite little addition to Emily’s dresser makeover? That was our first encounter with Flores Lane candles and we haven’t turned back. We bring up Flores Lane a lot in our posts (and sometimes in daily conversation because we’re that obsessed), and for good reason. We’ve yet to find a candle of hers that we don’t like.

We’ve always been a little candle crazy, constantly searching for the right scent, an awesome jar, the best slow burning beauty to cast that home-y glow around our room. We can honestly say our search is over. Trish, owner of Flores Lane, is an LA based, but Cincinnati born girl-boss.


She was tired of paying for overpriced candles so she decided to make her own right out of her apartment turned “lab.” Working well into the wee hours hand pouring and perfecting custom orders for everyone from Sincerely, Doris Jane to Jimmy Kimmel (that’s a big gap, friends.)


Her candles also boast a “clean burn,” so you can enjoy these little guys all day guilt free. Non-toxic, all natural ingredients and sustainable, her soy wax candles are the perfect way to lift your mood or warm your home (figuratively, of course. Please keep your furnaces on, people.)


From tobacco to gardenia, Trish has a little something for every candle lover out there. Our personal favorites are Palos Verdes from the LA line, and East Side from the Cincinnati line, but we’ve yet to find one we don’t love!


  • Tag a fellow candle lover
  • Follow Sincerely, Doris Jane on Instagram and Facebook.
  • Follow Flores Lane on Instagram and Facebook