Who Do You Trust

While on our trip to Maine we used almost all of our allotted data for the month using our GPS throughout the remote areas of Maine. Correction: half the time we were swearing at our phone for disconnecting our only sense of direction due to lack of service. 

I couldn’t tell you how many times we said ” I don’t know. Thats what the GPS says. Just go that way”. My first thought was The Office episode where Dwight and Michael follow their GPS so diligently that they find themselves completely submerged in a pond. My second thought was: if we trusted God as much as we trusted our GPS, we ( myself included) would probably all be in a much better state of mind. 

Quite honestly if my GPS told me to go north to get from Cincinnati to Kentucky I would probably assume theres some sort of uncanny detour and I would jump on 75 north, only to find myself completely lost.

Then, when something in my life strays from my 5 year plan I fall to pieces – cue my mom. My mom has always been my voice of reason. The one who reminds me that God might have other plans and that I should just trust. Her favorite analogy is that of God as a bus driver and I’m often reminded that I am a mere passenger — not the one behind the wheel.

So, I am just here to remind you ,AND myself, that GPS should truly stand for God Plans Surprises . Do you trust him as much as your navigation system?


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