The Proposal.

Have you ever woken up with one of those uncanny feelings – That something is different, something is going to happen. Thats how I felt when I woke up on July 7,2019. I had the strangest feeling that Michael was going to propose. Now, we have been dating for 8 years – we had looked at rings , he had heard me gush about my dream wedding- I knew it was coming ‘sometime’.

Our morning didn’t stray from our normal Sundays – Church, coffee, & breakfast with poppy. We had plans to meet our friends at The Incline Public House that night. Three bites into my bacon and Michael is asking me what I was going to wear to dinner that night – suspicious but not completely unusual – I shrug it off and try to calm myself down. I reply, what are you going to wear to which he promptly states – green shorts and a white polo. I tried to halt the turning gears in my head and went back to my bacon.

Our dinner plans were scheduled for 4 o’clock. I got into the car and couldn’t wait to tell Michael that yet another one of our friends had gotten engaged – commence the complaining and interrogation – to which Michael cooly answered by telling me he didn’t know how or when he would be able to propose.

Never believing that that statement could have ever been a lie – I tell him of my suspicions of the day. He chuckles, shakes his head and we go on with our car ride.

4:00 we arrive at the Incline. I suggested we get a drink and wait for our friends at the tables – Michael suggests we sit at the park just adjacent to the restaurant- I decline- Michael persists- I start to shake. I finally give in to his requests and walk to the overlook. I sit on a bench, shaking, convinced I’m either completely crazy or need to eat. Meanwhile Michael paces. This goes on for about 4 minutes until Michael asks that I stand up to which I of course said…why. Now ladies if you have the suspicion that your guy is going to propose please don’t be as inquisitive as me and just let his plan come to fruition without any speed bumps.

He starts to reach into his pocket … theres one way to get me to stand. He kneels and I think I could have been standing on hot coals and I still wouldn’t have been able to move. Boy asks girl to marry him, girl says yes, girl forgets to even look at the ring. Once I finally returned from the clouds I saw the most beautiful diamond ring glistening on my left hand.

After 8 years he knows me all too well and when I turned around our families were pouring into the parking lot. After all my complaining, my anticipation of what my own proposal would be like – I couldn’t have dreamt of it being more perfect. I was seated on cloud 9 for dinner and there I will remain.

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