The World’s Cutest Boy…

July 7, 2019

It was August 10th, 2011. My Mom’s birthday actually. I was sitting in my white Nissan Sentra in Kroger’s parking lot – looking over my list of “to buys” for my Mom’s birthday dinner – when I got a a text from a one Michael Davis. Thats when the hyperventilating started. How could I possibly worry about buying the makings of chicken and dumplings when the world’s cutest boy had just initiated a conversation with me.

Michael played football. I was a football trainer. I used to gush over him as he hopped out of the car in front of me. He was oblivious. Fortuitously, he was also the cousin to one of my dearest friends. Two months had passed and we were finally to October, the month of Homecoming. I felt like I had been holding my breath all month until he finally asked me to attend the dance with him after a night of bowling – little did I know I’d be having this feeling again a mere 8 years into the future.

Michael and I at Badin High School’s homecoming: October, 2011

The dance came and went – fortunately for me, I had no voice the night of our dance due to a rainy and squeal inducing football game the night prior. I say fortunately because in hindsight I doubt either of us, in our state of sheer nervousness, would have ever been able to utter a word. Then came November 12,2011. Max and Erma’s and a piece of pumpkin pie later and we were a couple. I graduated Stephen T. Badin Highschool in May of 2012. Michael graduated Badin in 2013. I went to Ohio State University – Michael went to Capital. Anniversaries were spent at Prima Vista, Summers were spent at The Incline Public House with a slice of meatball pizza in hand.

August 10th, 2011 seems like just yesterday but 2,920 days have gone by and if you ask me, an eight year wait is a small price to pay for an eternity with the worlds cutest boy.

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