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“Pitt-stop” in Pittsburgh, PA

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A long weekend without our two little monkeys boys is a rare find. Don’t get me wrong, we love our little guys to pieces, but 3 whole days without a diaper bag, wondering if we have enough formula, snacks and spare undies, and being able to pack the car with just a couple overnight bags is a great little break from our daily routine.

We’ve always heard how similar Cincinnati and Pittsburgh are in terms of size, and scenery and couldn’t wait to see it for ourselves when we were invited to a friends wedding. About 5 hours and 2 stops for junk food later, we were circling the downtown area a few times to familiarize ourselves with the area (Okay, fine. we missed our turn. Twice. Anyway….) then made our way to our hotel to check in.


Omni William Penn Hotel – I wish I could tell you just how beautiful this hotel is. The gold, the chandeliers, the history – the Omni William Penn is grand and gorgeous and just breathtaking. Our stay here was fantastic. From the valet, to the front desk to the concierge and housekeeping, the staff was friendly, welcoming and incredibly helpful (providing information about the hotel, directions to restaurants and even tracking down a bandaid for my blistered feet after a day of wandering around in what I thought were comfortable sandals.) Our room was clean and inviting with not only standard bathroom amenities, but plenty of plugs and built in USB port chargers, and night stands with motion lights at the floor – one of our favorite features of the room (easily amused? Maybe. But we may have googled where to buy them on our way home.)


Primanti Bros. (Market Square) – We’d originally had reservations at a wood fired pizza place, but after hearing from my brother in law that this was “the Skyline of Pittsburgh” we knew we had to give it a shot. We’d also filled ourselves with Doritos and Mike & Ike’s on the way so we thought a sandwich shop would be a little lighter. We were wrong. We were so so very wrong. These sandwiches are gigantic on their own, piled high with meat, cheese and their signature slaw, then to top it all off (literally) they stuff it with a side of fries. Amazing. We’ll definitely be back, but we’ll definitely be sharing.

Altius (Mt. Washington) – We knew we wanted to treat ourselves to a nice dinner while we were child-free. What we didn’t know was that a strong recommendation would lead us up a hillside to an incredible view and an even more incredible meal. I had a filet, Jimmy had a pork chop and we spent nearly two hours talking about how delicious everything was. My only disappointment was being too full to order dessert.

Speakeasy (Omni William Penn Hotel) – I could have stayed here for the duration of our stay. Easily the coolest place we went to and arguably one of the best “lounge” type bars I’ve ever seen. It was uncovered just 8 years ago and had been hidden since 1937. This place does everything right. Music from the 1920’s-1940’s playing in the background, low light and a very exclusive ambiance. The best part … crystal barware. Give me some champagne in a pretty little crystal coupe and I’ll give you all my money. We practically had the place to ourselves which we learned from the doorman is quite the rarity.

The Terrace Room (Omni William Penn Hotel) – We had a delightful breakfast in the Terrace Room with an array of hot tea, coffee and a buffet that offers anything you could ever want. I opted for the smoked salmon avocado toast and it was everything I’d hoped for. The room itself is less like a breakfast room and more like a ballroom – just as beautiful as the rest of the lobby area.

We’d never been to Pittsburgh, but we can’t wait to go back. A fun and unique city that will make you feel at home but with a personality all its own.

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