In Honor of International Women’s Day: An Introduction

Today’s International Women’s Day! So first and foremost, here’s to all our female readers and lady friends. Who can argue with an excuse to celebrate gals all over the globe? We’d like to take this opportunity to introduce you to two of our favorite women. The matriarchs of our family. Two women who were the definition of strength, faith and beauty and of course….our namesake!

Grandma Doris at her 90th Birthday Party

If there’s one thing we know we inherited from Grandma Doris … it’s her sweet tooth. Grandma Doris was a mother of thirteen (yep. you read that right.) and knew her way around the kitchen. She could deliver a bellyache alongside a belly laugh with a batch of her homemade “Aunt Philly cookies” (which remains a family secret to this day) and her quick-witted personality was as vivid as her wavy red (and later, snowy white) hair. Our recipes page hosts several recipes we found while paging through Grandma Doris’ cookbook and including some new recipes we’ve found along the way.

Grandpa “Louie” and our Grandma Doris Honeymooning at Clifty Falls

She valued her faith and her family and taught her grandchildren to appreciate the little things life has to offer. She loved to be outside, soaking in all the goodness that comes from spending a few hours in the sunshine or in the shade of an old tree watching the birds…Cardinals being her favorite. She took great pride in the climbing Clematis and “Hen and Chick” that adorned her front porch and had an enviable green thumb.

“Poppy” and Grandma Jane with our Uncle Tony

Grandma Jane was a woman of style and pep. She had a fierce love of fashion and her family. As an independent seamstress and designer, a one of a kind dress was not hard to come by, especially when it came time for the weddings of her two daughters. She led by example in faith and femininity, always teaching her family that You’re Never Fully Dressed Without a Smile … and the right pair of shoes, of course.

With her legacy in mind, we’ll explore some of the long lost fashion trends and etiquette from Grandma Jane’s generation. Her confidence and fun-loving personality was something to be admired. From belting out every line of “Sentimental Journey,” with her cousin Ruthie every time they got together; singing at the top of their voice until they’d collapse into a giggling heap to dancing with us to “New York, New York” in her living room, where there was music, there was Grandma Jane.

While we miss them dearly, we hope to keep their legacies alive by carrying on their hobbies, interests and passions by making them our own, and then sharing them with you. Happy International Women’s Day!


  • Aw, I love this! Your grandmothers sound amazing. I named my company after my grandmothers as well (Victoria Jean and Sarah Lee). I think it’s so great that you are keeping their legacy alive. I love that generation and will be singing, gonna take a sentimental journey, to myself all day! ❤


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