Valentines Day: Be a Lover

Its Valentines Day, the mush in the air is almost palpable. There’s a line out the door at every florist in town and even White Castle is taking reservations. Some of you likely roll your eyes and go on with your day and others are so head over heels it makes everyone a little nauseated no matter which side you’re on. But this year, we’re encouraging you to approach Valentine’s Day with a fresh perspective and with a goal to love others and love yourself.

Love others.

“And over all these virtues, put on love, which binds them together in perfect unity.” Colossians 3:14

We’ve both experienced single and partnered, happy and sad Valentine’s Days, and I’m here to tell you that whether or not you have someone tossing pebbles at your window or showing up on your doorstep with roses does not have to be the gauge for a happy Valentine’s Day.  Chances are there’s someone you love somewhere. Someone who has done something nice for you lately or was a loyal friend when you needed one. Why not skip the forced romanticism and make this Valentine’s Day about them? Use today as a chance to be grateful for the people you love and the people who love you.  

I LOVE sending and receiving cards, so naturally a day where it is encouraged to send love notes is a day that tickles me pink. Whether it be your Grandparents, sister, best friend, or significant other … who doesn’t love being told how much they mean to you? There’s something about getting an unexpected note of admiration and gratitude that can brighten even the darkest corners of a soul.

Love yourself.

“For God is within her. She will not fall.”

Psalm 46:5

While we’re talking admiration and gratitude, when was the last time you made yourself feel special? Maybe this Valentine’s Day, choose to be your own secret admirer. I’m guessing you made a New Year’s resolution last month, right? Are you any closer to achieving it? Dedicate your Valentine’s day to taking the next step, or leap, or running start if that’s what you need to get started. Let this bravery and progress boost your confidence and take on the rest of the year with your head held high. Reflect on your personal goals and pour yourself into making them happen. Want to start a blog? a business? a new habit? Today’s the day. Sure, you’ll encounter some naysayers, but they’ll likely come around. And if they don’t, you’ll still be happier knowing you gave it a go.

If you’ve already accomplished your 2019 goal, ask yourself how you can help someone else. Make your Valentine’s Day wish to leave your little corner of the world a little better than you found it. Be kind and humble. Be helpful and generous.

Love God. Love others. Love yourself.

And, to all our family, friends, followers … we love you. Happy Valentines Day!

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