Hamilton Stinks…In a Good Way

“This May look weird” … was what I heard When I was unwrapping my Christmas gift from my best friend this year. I pulled an empty jar out of a brown paper bag that read “Petals and Wicks”. Reading the confused face she says “we’re making candles!”. Being a DIY enthusiast, this made me all sorts of giddy inside. Needless to say this Past Saturday was spent WELL at Petals and Wicks on Main Street in Hamilton Ohio.

The store front is nestled among other old but charming buildings in the heart of Hamilton and the interior is even more welcoming. Opening the door we were immediately greeted by one of the many wonderful smells and two cheery smiles, owner Mike Hoskins and his niece.

They walked us through the picking, pouring, and finishing steps with enthusiasm and good humor. The prices are well within reason, 17$ for a jar and candle making class…yes please!

The …settling? ( pardon my lack of candle creator lingo) Process after you pour the candle takes about 90 minutes — just enough time for us to pop into True West, for a coffee; Henry’s, for a coconut haystack; and Sarah’s House, to dream of one day having a house that is decorated half as cute as her store.

90 short minutes later we were on our way and I was sniffing my elderflower, olive blossom and, gardenia candle, hand crafted by yours truly.

Needless to say, Hamilton smells …SO good.

Thanks Petals and Wicks!

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