How to Live Your Best Life … As Told by My Dog

This is my Rosey girl. She’s a 4 year old yellow Lab and is simultaneously the apple of my eye and the thorn in my side. She is a boisterous balance of laziness and a frenzy of flying white fur. She has a precious face and a head full of rocks. She’s as sweet as she is sour, as smart as she is flighty, she is a money pit, an absolute nut, and also the best dog on the planet.

A few days ago I was watching her loaf around the house, from her favorite spot on the carpet to her bed and then to a sunny spot in the center of the floor where she let our robot vacuum (that we had to buy solely because of the amount of hair she loses) make its way around her. I thought, “You sure do have it made, Rosebud. Life is good isn’t it?” What a valuable lesson I was being taught. Life is good. Especially if you live life like your dog in these simple ways:

  1. Be a Great Friend. Be so full of love and loyalty that it makes your whole body wiggle with excitement. Live for the affection of the people you love. Give it right back.
  2. Let your energy fill the room. Show off your fun-loving spirit to the point that it borders on obnoxious. Give your friends a gentle nudge when they’re feeling low, stare them down until they get off the couch if need be.
  3. Forgive. Maybe they broke a promise, lied to you or disappointed you. Maybe they yelled at you because you ate the baseboards. Forgive them anyway.
  4. Love yourself. Bark at your own reflection when you catch a glimpse. You’re just that adorable.
  5. Be Persistent. Let no one tell you no when it comes to something you want badly enough. Like dinner at 3:00pm, two breakfasts, or that plate full of brownies on the counter, for example.
  6. Greet everyone with a friendly face.
  7. Eat whatever you want every once in a while. Hot fudge sundaes. Cookies. Fried chicken. The cat’s litter box. Whatever your culinary soft spot may be, indulge every so often.
  8. Ignore boundaries that keep you from chasing your dreams … or a herd of whitetail deer. Even if that boundary happens to be a fence. Run at top speed into the woods then trot back home with tail and tongue wagging.
  9. Find immense joy in life’s simple pleasures. Naps. Several in the same day if you need it. Belly scratches. Fresh air in your face while riding in the car. Every day is full of tiny treasures you just have to find them.
  10. Live every day like it is the best day of your entire life. Make a fuss over nothing. Let your hair down…and leave it in every corner of the house. Bark at the garbage truck. Roll around in the snow until you’re soaking wet. Crave adventure and sniff it out until you find it and love life with every fiber of your being.


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