Grace. Love. And a Brand New Year

Every new year starts with resolutions. Promises to eat better, critiques of our relationships, judgments of our lack of motivation to make it to the gym. We take advantage of an opportunity to turn a negative into a positive. A flaw into a quality. To make ourselves just a little bit better.

But what if we focused on making our strengths stronger instead? Sure, there is always room for self improvement, but wouldn’t it be refreshing to start each year with positivity and an optimistic perspective? Maybe last year didn’t go quite the way you thought it would. Maybe you didn’t get the promotion you thought you deserved. Maybe a your relationship with a friend or family member began to fracture. Or maybe the stars just didn’t align when you wanted them to. Rather than looking back at 2018 with disdain and disappointment look for the opportunities to make things better in 2019. A chance to work harder. A chance to forgive. A chance to trust God and his plan. A chance to start the new year with grace and love.

Consider how a slight shift in your perspective could spread to other people. Use your resolutions this year to make your little corner of the world a little bit brighter. Could you resolve to make the life of a stranger better this year, even for just a moment? Promise to keep the promises you make to your children. Make your spouse a higher priority. Show kindness, slow down, offer forgiveness (or ask for it), work hard and use your God-given talent to do some real and recognizable good this year.


Doris Jane

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