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I am a Pediatric Nurse with a passion for bringing this crazy world back down to Earth with hand me downs, hiking, and comic relief. I was blessed with an arranged best-friendship via my sister, Emmy, and I wouldn’t trade it for the world … or an antique Victrola. I believe that everything happens for a reason, family comes first and chocolate goes in everything. Most of what you see on social media comes from me, being the younger, more privy-to-what’s-trendy of the two – but neither of us are very tech savvy.

Emily Bio Pic

I am a marketing gal turned stay-at-home-mama to one little boy (with another boy on the way. Pray for me!) I love to get dressed up, but prefer jeans, a tshirt and my trusty “Chucks.” I’m a creative writing junkie and a firm believer that prayer, red wine and the right music can solve anything life throws at you. I love all things organization, antiques and keeping life simple. I’m also a novice gardener and not so novice taste-tester of Jessica’s baking trials.


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