Clean Week: Lessen the Laundry Load

Do you ever wonder how your mom was such a wizard when it came to getting stains out of your clothes? Watermelon dribbles, ketchup smears, grass stains; even the ” I was holding my coffee and hit that pesky pothole” splatter. Nevertheless, you handed it to your eye rolling mother and POOF, the stain was gone.

So, for all of you who still find yourselves phoning a friend (undoubtably your mother) when it comes to laundry. Hang on tight because after reading this you MAY be able to do laundry all by yourself — Yes. Even you over there with the wine stained jeans getting ready to dial your mom. We’ve all been there. Put the phone down.

  1. Heres our number one rule if you listen to nothing else, PLEASE separate your colors from your neutrals (whites, pastels, and light khakis). If you’re the guy at the meeting with the wanna be white button down thats now a pretty shade of slate grey, we’re talking to you. Whites are washed alone, in cold water, on a low setting. 
  2. Speaking of separate, we all hate sorting laundry so, whether you live with roommates or your family, separate clothing by person (if possible). This way, you can totally nix the chore of separating.
    • Pro Tip: we recently invested in lingerie bags for washing intimates. Each person has their own bag. This removes the task of separating intimates. The bag simply gets thrown in the washer, then to the dryer. Presto chango, and you’re never touching a pair of someone else’s soiled pantaloons again.  Click here for sweet relief.
  3. There is nothing worse than getting out of the shower, going to to dry off and getting a face full of mildew. We’ve all experienced it. You let the towels sit in the washer too long or your impatient husband or roommate folded your towels before they were dry — sweet of them but, now my freshly cleaned face smells like a dish rag.
    • Getting rid of towel stink: Wash your towels on hot (like colors of course) with your detergent AND a cup of vinegar. The vinegar removes the stink and cleans your washer as an added bonus.
  4. A word on sheets. Sheets are pretty easy peasy. But our secret to making them smell incredible– Downy Unstoppables. We shared our love for these little guys in our . Wash your sheets weekly with some of these beads of paradise and you’ll be in heaven.
  5. Tough stains. I was recently  challenged by a BBQ stain on khaki pants, to which I accepted. My weapon of choice, Shout Triple-Acting Spray .And to you with the wine stained jeans, try Wine Out, it works miracles.
    • Also, never underestimate the power of Dawn. When all else fails, try Dawn.TOWELS
    • Don’t sweat it– Sweat stained undershirts? Try this cheapo hack– baking soda and peroxide!

We all know a 20 something in need of a laundry guide. Our mom started us off early but, always had a little cheat sheet hanging above the dryer — cultivating her own little laundry wizards one load at a time.  So, as a gift to you, we have attached the cheat sheet to this post.

Happy stain removing!



Screen Shot 2018-06-25 at 10.01.50 AM

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