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Hometown Fixer Upper

     Often times going back to your roots leads to a beautiful new beginning. Don’t we all find ourselves searching for time tested advice from our grandparents? But how often are we given the opportunity to share a dream, a space and a place to raise our children in the same place as our great-Grandparents. Not very often.
     Sure, we may share their values, their dreams and our hometown, but for our friend, Susan, and her fiance, Tyler, they’re also sharing the same living space. Back in April, Susan’s Dad noticed that his Grandparents house (built in 1942) was for sale. Flooded with memories of playing in the basement with his brother and sister, he asked to take a tour of the house. Susan and Tyler just happened to be looking for a house and immediately fell in love with her Great-Grandparent’s house. Not only for the charm of the construction, but the charm of its history.
Photo frames hold little pieces of family history throughout their home. Pictured here: Moonlight Gardens, a popular date for her Great-Grandparents, and a photo of her mom’s parents on their wedding day. 
In the time between Susan’s Great-Grandparents owning the house and Susan and Tyler buying the house in April, the owners turned a screened in porch into another indoor room, added stairs to a brand new second floor and built a garage. They also added a great big beautiful porch.
The last few months, Susan and Tyler have taken on the task of adding their own personal touch to the house and have also reintroduced pieces of her family’s history to the walls and shelves. They also inherited a few pieces from the previous owners. Books, a sewing machine and an old record player remain in the house to add to this beautiful home’s history. Although before they did too much, they had to tear down sheets of ivy wallpaper that plastered the kitchen walls. Susan peeled back a piece near the microwave to reveal the original yellow paint that was there when her Great-Grandparents lived there.
Swoonin’ for subway tile. Susan’s kitchen is chippy farmhouse fabulous. 
Once the wallpaper came down, subway tile went up (any other Fixer-Upper fans out there just drooling over this adorable kitchen?) Set aside Susan’s knack for picture perfect decor and farmhouse charm (seriously, she could give Joanna Gaines a run for her money, right?), the house itself has so much character it takes on a personality of its own. Stucco walls, glass door knobs and untouched hardwood hiding under the carpets throughout the house invite you in and make you feel right at home.
This table is actually original to the house. It was given to Susan by her dad and belonged to her great-grandparents. 
We love (and are just a liiiittle bit jealous of) what Susan and Tyler have done to make this house their own without forgetting who’s it was to start and we can’t wait to see the changes they make in the future. We’re sure that making their own memories and starting their lives as newlyweds in a place that already holds so much of her family’s history would have certainly made her Great-Grandparents smile.


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