5 Tips for Taking REALly Great Photos

Children see beauty in just about everything. They are eye level with tiny details we tend to walk right by as adults. They notice shiny orange pennies dropped and forgotten in a parking lot. Playful shadows on a sunny day. Tiny flowers growing up through cracks in the sidewalk. Is this all because children are easily distracted, or are they simply less distracted? Free from cell phones, adult conversations and the rest of the world hurrying along around them.

By now we’re sure you’ve seen hundreds of Instagram accounts full of highly filtered and heavily photoshopped photos of places we’ve never seen before. Photos that compete with one another for brighter colors, simpler backgrounds and more beautiful landscapes. We started thinking, what if we simply captured what captures the eye of the little ones around us? What if we also learned to find pure and absolute joy in the simple things around us every day. At what age do we stop giggling about a wave lapping at our toes, or collecting a bouquet of fallen flowers while out for a walk with our dog?

Em’s son has taught us that maybe a great photo doesn’t require hours of editing behind a computer screen. Maybe it doesn’t need to have colors and contrast adjustments or all signs of blemish removed or altered backgrounds. Perhaps all we have to do is just slow down, pay attention and remember our 5 tips for taking REALly great photos.

  1. See the world from the eye of a child. Turn off your ringer and look around. High, low, above and under. Be on the lookout for a new perspective rather than always shooting down on what you’re seeing. You can even try putting your camera level with the ground.
  2. Let your childish curiosity guide you. Have you ever noticed how often something catches the eye of a toddler and off they go; wandering hurriedly toward their new discovery. Let yourself do just that and take photos along the way.
  3. Take a knee. Kneel or sit next to a child, especially when taking photos of them. You’ll be surprise how different your photos will look. The details you’ll catch, the expressions on their tiny faces, not only will you have a better point of view, you’re also likely to get a better background and maybe even catch breathtaking lighting.
  4. Never neglect your zoom. Use your zoom feature to your advantage. Zoom in super close and capture little things like the curls in your sons hair or the crinkle in your grandma’s nose when she laughs. Zoom out for a reminder of just how teeny your kids were once.
  5. Put down your phone/camera. We’ve all been there. Standing on the beach staring at a beautiful sunset through the lens of our camera or the screen of our phone, trying to get a picture that does justice to the colors. Sometimes it’s better to settle for the not-like-real-life photo and put the camera away and let the colors and beauty live in your memory.

Wishing you all curiosity, fun and fantastic photos …

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