Our Soft Spot for Soft-Serve

Creamy whip. Whippy dip. Soft serve. Whatever your family calls it, we know you have one nearby, and if you’re like us, you’re at the walk up window far too often. Even though Cincinnati is having a hard time deciding to warm up, (seriously. It snowed AGAIN this week) that hasn’t stopped our little ice cream shops from firing up their ice cream machines. So who’s ready for some ice cream? (does anyone really ever say, “not me?”) Take a little drive and try out someone else’s little ice cream joint. Try out a few in one day if you feel like it. Warm weather is on the way and you’ll need plenty of options.

  1. Flub’s – Flub’s is a staple in our hometown. With 3 locations (Ross, Hamilton and Fairfield), homemade flavors and more Cyclone options than you could ever dream of, Flub’s is a tough one to beat. Go often. Get Crunch Kote. Go back in the fall for the best pumpkin ice cream that has ever graced your lips.
  2. The Cone – The Cone not only has great ice cream, they have rides and games for the little ones. That means parents can eat their own ice cream before it melts. Win.
  3. Lil Goodie Shoppe – This place probably knows Em’s husband by name because he was there practically every day when she was pregnant. Reese cup flurry for us, please!
  4. Zip Dip – Zip Dip has everything from ice cream to chili dogs! Which means you can feed the family and then stick around for dinner.
  5. ______________ – We’re whippy dip junkies. Tell us your favorite spot so we can pay them a visit!

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