Local Love

Tri-State Travel Guide

” Do what you can with what you have, where you are” – Theodore Roosevelt

In the day and age of ‘world traveling’ and fabulous Instagram posts, we bring you a Tri-State Travel Guide.  A simple guide to a simple summer. Free trips and time well spent with friends and family, in the car and on the trail. Pack your back pack, lace your boots and “do what you can, with what you have, where you are”.

Lynd Fruit Farm 

A family owned apple farm, dating back to 1919, Lynd Fruit Farm is nestled right out side Columbus in Pataskala, Ohio. Gala, golden delicious, honey crisp…oh my! Looking to pick some apples of your own? This is the place! “You pick” apple season starts in September and extends through October (Weekends only). What better way to bond with your besties than jumping on their back to grab that perfect apple.


Glen Helen Nature Preserve / Clifton Gorge/ Tecumseh Land Trust 

Just one hour from Cincinnati sits Yellow Springs Ohio, a free spirited town full of life, love, and beautifully unique parks! After Jess stumbled upon Tecumseh Land Trust , she will never miss their Sunflower bloom again. In fact, she went up several times last year just to stand in the middle of the field in awe. We love everything T.L.T stands for and can’t wait to return this summer!

Next up is Clifton Gorge. As a lover and chaser of waterfalls, Jess was happy to stand and watch the water surge through Clifton Gorge and it was only a short (10 min) drive from the Tecumseh Land trust and downtown Yellow Springs.

Don’t leave Yellow Springs without taking a drink from the fountain of youth! Didn’t know it was in Dayton, did ya? Historically, the ‘Yellow Spring’ located in Glen Helen Nature Preserve was known for the spring’s natural healing properties – we’d be lying to you if we said Jess and her friend didn’t take a sip before they headed back to the car (whatever works right?)


Hocking Hills 

Who hasn’t heard of Hocking Hills, right? We’re here to tell you everything you’ve heard regarding it’s beauty is absolutely true. From Lower Falls to Old Mans Cave, every inch of Hocking Hills is breath taking. We actually venture up their frequently as we love to see the park throughout the seasons. Autumn is by far Emily’s favorite. Jess would like to see it frozen (she tries to convince anyone who will listen to take that icy hike with her.)

Clifty Falls

A park near and dear to our heart. Our Grandma Doris and Grandpa “Louie” honey mooned to this quaint little spot located near Madison, Indiana. As Jess strolled through the trails she couldn’t help but picture our grandparents walking hand in hand down the same paths; she also couldn’t help but wonder how grandma Doris did it in pearls and heels! To this day, there is still a Lodge, Clifty Inn,  that has a beautiful view of the Ohio river…weekend get-away anyone?

Red River Gorge 

After much discouragement from our mother, Jess was determined to cross Red River Gorge off her list of places to see, no matter how “dangerous.” Don’t be fooled, there are small paths and large drop offs but it is definitely a ‘must see’ if you are in the area (or 2 hours north like us)! Love hiking long distances? Daniel Boone National Forest is adjacent to Red River Gorge – Pack your backpack, we’ll see you in 708,000 acres. Hiking not your thing? Theres also camping, climbing, and zip lining!

We’re looking for our next local outdoor adventure – suggestions are always welcome!


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