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Birds are chirping, temperatures are slowly creeping up and the worst of the winter is (hopefully) over. We think it’s finally safe to say this … SPRING IS ON THE WAY! It’s so close we can practically feel the sunshine, but before we get to enjoy those May flowers, we first have to get through those springtime dreary, wet days.

One of our favorite ways to pass the time on rainy days (other than double the length of our Dad’s to-do/make/repair/build list of course) is to curl up on the couch with something to read. Whether it’s a book we picked up at the library or a great new blog we’ve stumbled upon, you’ll find us being bookworms for the next few weeks. So in the spirit of waiting-for-spring solidarity, we thought we’d tell you what’s sitting on our nightstand or in our inbox.


Breakfast with Nick – Nick, of Breakfast with Nick, was one of Jess’ professors at The Ohio State University. His blog equips you with travel guides, restaurant reviews and recipes from St. Louis to the Outer Banks. Stick with Nick’s advice and leave your mediocre out of town dining experiences behind.

Fleamarket Insiders – If you’re a flea market junky like we are, you need to subscribe. Right now. Not only does this site give you a map of the best flea markets around you based on your location, they’ll teach you what to sell, how to get the best deal and hot items to look for during your next trip.

Off The Clock Nurse – here’s another recommendation from Jess, our very own nurse. Off the Clock Nurse is a chronology of “adventures of a 30-something, single nurse who just needed a damn vacation.” She’s been to Seattle, Greece and everywhere in between and her photos are amaaazing.


How to Raise a Gentleman – Em has a 20 month old who is a wild little guy, but underneath the rough-and-tumble attitude, sticky hands and dirty face, theres a little boy who’s as sweet as honey. Determined to raise a well mannered little boy, Em started reading How to Raise a Gentleman by Kay West.


Cut Flower Garden – One of Em’s Resolutions was to learn something new this year. So far she’s begun learning to sew and hopes to turn her brown thumbs green by planting (and not killing) a container garden and a few new flower beds. Cut Flower Garden is not only chockful of beautiful photos but plenty of information for the novice gardener.


Bible / Jesus Calling – Jess made the resolution this year to read the Bible cover to cover. Em chose a daily devotional, Jesus Calling by Sarah Young, as an uplifting way to start her day. No matter which version you choose, couldn’t we all use a little more Jesus?

What are you reading? We’re always looking for our next favorite book!

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