Love blooms Where Family Sows: A visit with Two Little Buds Florist

“It kind of just happened.”

Isn’t it funny how the best things seem to “just happen?” Career changes, spontaneous romances, entrepreneurial endeavors. Sometimes these things seem to just fall into our laps. The stars align, we sit next to the right person on an airplane or an unforeseen change of plans, whatever it may be, forces us to challenge ourselves and step out of the comfy little box where we all tend to linger. Sometimes, even, you go to a concert with your Grandpa and walk out arm-in-arm with your sister bursting with ideas for a new blog.

But these things don’t just happen, do they? Venturing into a new industry, nurturing a new relationship, starting a business from scratch, all these things take more than an idea. More than just the proverbial light bulb over our head. These things take dedication. They take passion and determination, and confidence and being able to take failures on the chin. Most of all they take hard work.


Mindy Staton and her mom, Alice Francis, began filling orders out of Alice’s greenhouse and when word spread swiftly across town, they quickly outgrew their greenhouse operation, leading them to start Two Little Buds in Hamilton, OH. Not long after, they also began Morning Sun Flower Farm nearby. (We’re hoping to tag along on a little tour of her farm this spring – stay tuned!) 

Mindy was kind enough to take some time out of her day to tell us a little about what it’s like to not only be a florist, but to be a florist preparing for the Valentine’s Day rush.

Take a stroll through most floral shops in early February and you can expect roses. Hundreds of them in every color and arrangement you can imagine, but we walked in to find ranunculus, anemones and tulips bursting with cheery color filling vase after vase, making the entire store smell like springtime.


Two Little Buds has decided to do Valentine’s Day a bit differently this year by focusing on longer-lasting, American-grown flowers for their Valentine’s Day customers, breaking the I’ll-take-a-dozen-red-roses-and-an-I-love-you-card mold.

When they’re not filling vases this time of year, they are hard at work sowing seeds at the flower farm. Mindy says her “in-laws owned a lot of land in Oxford, Ohio and the flower farm kind of just happened.” She’s a farm girl at heart, with a passion for flowers, a love of nature and a insatiable desire to keep her hands in the dirt. Her flower farm and storefronts aren’t just a business, however. They’re a chance to be with her family. They all pitched in to build her “hoop house” (an unheated greenhouse), creating Mindy’s favorite memories of her floral venture.

Somewhere between developing a personal relationship with upcoming brides, custom orders, corporate events and pop-ups at stores like Anthropologie and Madewell, the girls of Two Little Buds also offer Farm to Vase workshops at their flower farm three times a year. Workshop dates are April 14th, July 17th and September 22nd. You can sign up to learn how to arrange your own hand-picked creation HERE.


Two Little Buds will soon be moving from their Bridgewater Falls location to D Street in Hamilton, but can also be found at their “flower bar” inside the Lane + Kate store in Over the Rhine. Flowers, gorgeous jewelry and “gifty” things all in the same shop? Yes, please!


Time is running out for Valentine’s Day blooms everyone! (Okay, we’re actually looking at you, gentlemen) Break tradition, skip the imported roses this year and spread love by shopping local and supporting your local florist!


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