Our Funny Valentines

At the end of last year, we both decided that learning new things would be one of our New Year’s Resolutions for 2018. Em wanted to learn to sew, among other things. Jess also had a lengthy list, but woke up one day and decided to be really great at watercolor painting.She tried to teach Em who quickly decided maybe watercolor wasn’t her thing. We practiced. She tutored. Hilarity ensued.

Emily’s first flower attempt

After being gifted a Michael’s gift card a few months back, Jess decided to spend it on watercolor supplies to get her started. She picked up a pack of paintbrushes, a watercolor pad , and a starter set of watercolor paints.  She scoured books and YouTube tutorials and within a week was painting every day, getting better by the minute. 

We’ve been painting animals, birds, fruits and flowers, but Jess decided that in the spirit of Valentine’s Day, we should send hand painted Valentine’s Day cards. Again, Jess practically sprinted through a series of adorable cards while Em toiled away on a pair of tulips.


Two weeks later, Jess has a book full of paint, nearly every page worthy of a frame.

Em has …. an apple. But darn it she sure is proud of that apple.


Do we have any artists in the house? Any favorite tutorials or YouTube channels?

SDJ E-Signature copy

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