Giveaway #4: Flores Lane Candle

Remember when we first mentioned our favorite little addition to Emily’s dresser makeover? That was our first encounter with Flores Lane candles and we haven’t turned back. We bring up Flores Lane a lot in our posts (and sometimes in daily conversation because we’re that obsessed), and for good reason. We’ve yet to find a candle of hers that we don’t like.

We’ve always been a little candle crazy, constantly searching for the right scent, an awesome jar, the best slow burning beauty to cast that home-y glow around our room. We can honestly say our search is over. Trish, owner of Flores Lane, is an LA based, but Cincinnati born girl-boss.


She was tired of paying for overpriced candles so she decided to make her own right out of her apartment turned “lab.” Working well into the wee hours hand pouring and perfecting custom orders for everyone from Sincerely, Doris Jane to Jimmy Kimmel (that’s a big gap, friends.)


Her candles also boast a “clean burn,” so you can enjoy these little guys all day guilt free. Non-toxic, all natural ingredients and sustainable, her soy wax candles are the perfect way to lift your mood or warm your home (figuratively, of course. Please keep your furnaces on, people.)


From tobacco to gardenia, Trish has a little something for every candle lover out there. Our personal favorites are Palos Verdes from the LA line, and East Side from the Cincinnati line, but we’ve yet to find one we don’t love!


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