Pasta, Please!

Grandma Doris had a knack for cooking from scratch. Cookies, soups, breads. You name it, she could make it. Every so often we get that same homemade “itch” and it’s just gotta be scratched (…get it?). So this week we thought we’d dust off the Kitchen Aid Pasta Attachment and take a crack at homemade pasta which, as it turns out, isn’t nearly as easy as it sounds. So rather than a post on how to make pasta, we thought we’d bring you our blunders. A “How-NOT-to” make your own pasta, brought to you by two German girls who love Italian food.


Step 1: Read your pasta press attachment instructions. Forgoing this step will lead you down a 15-minute detour of YouTube tutorials. We found a great one from Williams-Sonoma here.


Step 2: Prep your ingredients. Our recipe called for 4 eggs at room temperature and 2 1/2 Cups of flour, what we had was 2 cups of flour and 4 extremely cold eggs.


Step 3: Go easy on the social media. That pasta dough sure looks pretty on Instagram, but it’ll dry out faster than you can get 10 likes. We went insta-crazy and almost found ourself in a sticky situation. Quite literally. Our dough started to get warm and dry out while we were picking the perfect filter.


Step 4: Don’t overload your pasta attachment. We filled the attachment about half way, then waited. And waited. Our pasta was creeping out slowly, so we loaded the attachment to the brim. A few minutes later we found ourselves feeling like Lucy and Ethel at the candy factory. One of us cutting pasta, the other twirling as fast as we could.


Step 5: Don’t eat all the pasta before it makes it to the table. Once we boiled our pasta we couldn’t keep our hands out of it. We stuffed our cheeks like Lucy at the factory. Here’s hoping there’s enough left over for dinner!


Bloopers and blunders aside, we added basil pesto, minced garlic and parmesan cheese and it was delish! Here’s an online version of the recipe we used from Williams-Sonoma.

Do you have any tips for our next go ’round? Comment below! We need all the help we can get!





  • Chocolate sets ( have one but you can do the investigating)
    Grandma Jane loved sewing-0ld pedal push machines.
    Baptismal gowns ( Ann has one that has been passed down and down and down….)
    Popularity of rocking chairs
    Love ya …Aunt McClare


  • Looks really good, Emily! My experience with homemade pasta is to use lots of flour to keep it from sticking. Also always, always add about a half a cup of the pasta water to your sauce when you’re mixing the two together. The starch in the pasta water helps find the sauce to the noodles.


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