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An Elegant Antique Easter

Our favorite holiday of the year came with lots of preparation, and plenty of opportunities to incorporate our favorite heirloom pieces and other antique accessories. Our Elegant Antique Easter post will provide a peek into our family’s Easter celebration, with a recipe for the best carrot cake you’ve ever tasted as an added treat.

Let’s start with one of our favorite accessories. Easter is a time for feminine frills and floral touches, a favorite, yet often forgotten Easter accessory of ours, are a pair of delicate white gloves. Here is a simple guideline to “getting caught glove-handed” and wearing your shorties with style and grace:

  1. Always remove your gloves when they are at risk of being stained. In general gloves should be removed before eating and may be put back on after you are finished. After dinner cocktail? You may keep your gloves on, unless there is a high chance that you may spill your beverage onto your gloves.
  2. Need to powder your nose or reapply your favorite lip gloss? This should be done in the privacy of the Ladies room with gloves removed. At these parties there will be a lot of meeting and greeting, in this situation you should not remove your glove unless it is someone of high religious authority.
  3. Speaking of religion, going to church Easter morning? Don’t get caught with your gloves on if you plan to take the Eucharist by hand. If receiving by mouth gloves may remain on.
  4. Have fun with your gloves, we enjoy searching through antique shops who often have them for as cheap as 3$! But, be careful how you handle your new found accessory as there used to be secret meanings in the Victorian Era!
Shown here, a favorite pair of gauntlet-length white gloves, just $6 at an antique store in Lebanon, OH. 

Our dinner table this year held an extra special gift from our Poppy. Our Great-Great Aunt Clara’s rose floral china was the focal point for a beautiful Easter table. Though we had to bend the table setting rules a bit (rearranging the utensils for example) to fit everyone we could, it still turned out exactly the way we planned, and the “bunny-fold” napkin tutorial we found here was the perfect touch.


Now for dessert. A staple at our Easter table each year is carrot cake. We’ve found this sweet and dense, but not too rich recipe to be absolute Easter perfection. The recipe is also relatively simple. Display on a glass or delicate cake pedestal for added elegance. Serve with a cup of hot coffee or a glass of cold milk to ensure every crumb will be gone by the time your guests leave. Our favorite recipe from Taste of Home can be found here.

This glass cake stand came with a beautiful cut-glass dome, a great find at an antique show for only $40! 

We hope your Easter celebration was as delightful as ours was and that you were able to enjoy the day surrounded by your family and friends. A blessed (and belated) Easter and happy fun-filled spring to all of our readers!


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