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To my friends …

Very often we’re able to depend on the wisdom and advice of our family. Whether that advice be for raising well-behaved children, keeping a clean and tidy home, or perfecting a well-protected family recipe, we tend to hold the words of our late relatives very dear to our hearts. Our guess is there is something your Mother, Grandmother or maybe your Great-Uncle taught you how to do, or used to say that you’ve passed on to your own children.

Lizzie Pic
Pictured Above: Top – Lizzie’s children, along with her little red notebook. The bottom photo is our Great Great Grandmother (wearing glasses) and her daughters (L-R) Florence, Mary and Clara. 

A few years ago, our Poppy gave our mom a small, red book full of yellowed pages, worn thin not only by the hands of their owner, but also by the hands of the clock. Inside, these delicate pages held poems, sayings and thoughts of our Great-Great Grandmother, Lizzie. We turned each page carefully, bursting with excitement. We couldn’t wait to find a way to incorporate some of her writing into our everyday lives. How wonderful to be able to display the words of our Great-Great Grandmother in her actual handwriting!

Lizzie Chair
Our finished canvas is pictured above, along with a chair that also belonged to our Great-Great Grandmother, Lizzie Von Luehrte. 

For this project, we scanned our favorite poem from her notebook, then took the scan to Staples to have it printed onto a transparency sheet (The same kind your teacher probably used in grade school math class.) With a projector, we projected her handwriting onto a canvas and traced it, then carefully went back over each letter with gold leaf paint

In an effort to keep her writing within the family, we’ve decided not to share the entire poem on our site, which is why you’ll find some of the words are blurred.

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